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"Station" as part of the physical exam in pregnancy
"What does "0" station mean?

There is a lot of confusion about the definition of ge in pregnancy. We follow the definitions from the Princeton University.

Gestation period
The period of development of the embryo/fetus from the time of conception until birth.
Gestational age ...

Labor - Your Baby's Position in Relation to the Pelvis
By Robin Elise Weiss, LCCE, About.com Guide
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To check station during a vaginal examination, we feel the presenting part of the baby (usually the head), either through the opening of the cervix or through the thin lower uterine wall.

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The L/S ratio, using transvaginally and transabdominally collected amniotic fluid from nondiabetic patients with PPROM between 24 and 34 weeks' ge, ...

OBJECTIVE: To test the null hypothesis that, after 28 weeks of gestation, uterine blood flow during supine rest and supine exercise is no different than uterine blood flow at left-lateral rest. DESIGN: In vivo experimental study in pregnant women.

Spotting a live louse is often the only sign of an infe. Nits alone doesn't confirm an infe. In many children, head lice don't cause any discomfort.

The level of the presenting part in the birth canal in relation to the ischial spines of the pelvis. The spines represent 0 station.

: An indication of how far the presenting part of the baby (usually the head) has progressed through the pelvis. A baby who has just begun to descend may be at -4 or -5 .

Stationary Bicycling and Spinning
Stationary bicycles offer less risk of a fall than standard bicycles and can provide excellent aerobic exercise during the first trimester of pregnancy.

ary biking is one safe exercise to do during your pregnancy.

Station: The relationship between the baby's head to the bony pelvis of the mom. It measures how deep into the pelvis the baby is dipping.

is the position of baby's head as it relates to the ischial spines (bony spots on each side of the pelvis). It's measured on a scale of -5 (head floating above the pelvis) to +5 (head crowning at the vagina's opening).

Station: Estimation of the descent of the baby. Ranges from -4 to +4. 0 = directly at pelvis.
Stigma: Area on the ovary where the egg has been released at the time of ovulation.

- Indicates the position of the unborn baby by describing how far the head has moved through the pelvis.
Stillbirth - Term for when a baby dies before birth.
Suture - Surgical stitching.

Station - Estimation of the descent of the baby in the birth canal.
Steroids - Medications of hormone origin used to treat various diseases. Include estrogen, testosterone, progesterone and prednisone.

s-The term is used to describe how far the baby has dropped. A '-3 ' means that the baby's head is not yet in the pelvis. '0 ' means that the head has entered the maternal pelvis and is at the level of the ischial spines.

Gestation: The nine-month period of pregnancy from conception to birth.
Gestational diabetes: A disease characterized by high blood sugars during pregnancy.

ge - the state of pregnancy. Also used to refer to length of a pregnancy.

Gestation: The period of fetal development in the womb from implantation to birth ...

Refers to the time between conception and birth. It is measured in weeks.

School stationery
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Stationary bikes: How they help and what to look for
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at onset of active labor in nulliparous patients and risk of cesarean delivery ...

This describes the location of the baby on its descent down the birth canal. "Zero station" means he hasn't yet descended, while "fully engaged" means he is ready to be born.

ary walkers are thought to be a better buy, being much safer if less exciting for your child. This type does not have any wheels but have bouncing seats that turn in a circle to keep the baby in one place.
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Carving Stations: If there is a carving station at a restaurant or party, make sure the meat is well-cooked and still steaming hot. Avoid sauces such as hollandaise, barnaise, and aioli, which may contain uncooked eggs.

The infe cycle continues if eggs are swallowed or transferred onto other items such as bedding, clothing and towels, which are then touched by someone else.

Stationary bike
Low-impact aerobics
Sports to avoid because they are high risk for fall or trauma include: ...

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Multiple gestation
Abruptions are often diagnosed clinically, based on the symptoms of bright red vaginal bleeding, frequent contractions and uterine tenderness. There are no laboratory findings that are specific for placental abruption.

Multiple ge (twins, triplets, or more)
Erythroblastosis fetalis (Rh/blood group incompatibility)
Why is preterm labor a concern?

multiple gestation (more than one fetus) in present pregnancy
history of toxemia, hypertension, or diabetes with any pregnancy
history of infertility or difficulty becoming pregnant ...

The manife of the condition can vary widely. Anything from simple weight gain to back pains during pregnancy and stomach spasms during birth.

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