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SIMPLE CONTRACT. One, the evidence of which is merely oral, or in writing, not under seal, nor of record. 1 Chit. Contr. 1 1 Chit. Pl. 88; and vide 11 Mass. R. 30 ll East, R. 312; 4 Barn. & Ald. 588; Stark. Ev. 995; 2 Bl. Com. 472.

When the action is on a , the declaration must show the consideration of the contract, precisely as in assumpsit; and it should state either a legal liability or an express agreement, though not a promise to pay the debt.

"The wager of law could only be had in actions of debt on simple contract, and actions of detinue." J. M. Rigg wrote: "(W)ager of law ... a suitor ... was allowed or required to purge himself by his oath and the oath of compurgators ....

Engl. law. When an action of debt is brought against a man upon a , and the defendant pleads nil debit, and concludes his plea... more ...

Contract formation: There must be an agreement which consists of an offer and acceptance, consideration (see also consideration under English law) and contractual intention for a simple contract to exist: i.e.

When two independent businesses wish to combine forces in a business project, they may form a joint venture to operate the new project as a separate enterprise. This can take the form of a ual arrangement, ...

In a claim involving breach of a simple contract (not under seal), the limit is six years. With personal injury arising from breach of contract, it's three years (or three years from the date of death).

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Law  Silent partner  Simple will

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