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Grounds: Acceptable reasons for seeking a particular result. In NC, there are only two grounds for divorce available: a one-year separation and incurable insanity.

"County fair" means the ground and all other property owned, leased, used or controlled by a county and devoted to the use of a county fair. [Amended by 1969 c.239 §1; 1977 c.55 §11; 1997 c.435 §1; 2005 c.777 §21] ...

The Supreme Court will hear a case from a state court only if the state court judgment turned on federal grounds. It will refuse jurisdiction if it finds adequate and independent nonfederal grounds to support the state decision.

Humanitarian and Compassionate definition:
A criteria of immigration law; an unusual, undeserved or disproportionate hardship caused to a person seeking consideration.

Grounds for Divorce
Until the recent advent of the "no-fault" divorce, in which neither party is expected to prove the spouse as the "guilty party" in the marriage, a marriage could be dissolved only for what the state deemed to be proper grounds.

Legal reasons for requesting a divorce. All states require a spouse who files for divorce to state the , court and whether requesting a fault divorce or a no-fault divorce.

These are the reasons or justifications in law, stated in a petition to a court, on the basis of which reliefs are asked from the Court.

FOR DIVORCE: the legal basis for a divorce; the law sets out specific reasons for a divorce which have to be proven before the court can grant a divorce. Back to Top
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JUDGMENT: a court's decision.

Grounds for cancellation
Cancellation of a trademark registration can occur within the first five years of registration for any reason that the mark could have been precluded from registration in the first place.

Fault : Marital wrongs that will justify the granting of a divorce. An example would be adultery.

grounds for divorce - The legal reasons stated for requesting a divorce.
group life or group health insurance - A single policy under which individuals in a group may subscribe.

are the circumstances which must be proven to obtain a divorce, annulment or separation. Fault based must show misconduct by the defendant spouse. A spouse cannot allege they were at fault for .

FraudFrom the main menu above, please select Problems with a solicitor, then, Recognising fraud and dishonestyFraudsterSomeone who commits fraud Grounds (legal)The basis or foundation of an actionHearing (legal)A legal ...

Legal and factual for a court to grant relief.
A central location that receives, disburses and monitors IV-D support payments.

Give a statement of grounds for action and invitation to meeting
Hold the meeting, confirm the decision in writing, note the right of appeal
If appealed, repeat step 2.

: subject to or providing for an action or suit at law [slander is ]
Active ...

Such complaint (whether it be the original claim, counterclaim, cross-claim, or third-party claim) shall contain: (1) a short and plain statement of the grounds upon which the court's jurisdiction depends, ...

Abandoning a child is for losing parental rights. Abandonment of a spouse occurs when one spouse leaves the marital home without the consent of the other. Abandonment of a spouse is for divorce.

That whenever any patentee of an invention or discovery shall desire an extension of his patent beyond the term of its limitation, be may make application therefor, in writing, to the commissioner of the patent office, setting forth the grounds ...

Immediate appeals may be taken from orders denying claims of immunity on one of the following : the sovereign immunity granted to states under the Eleventh Amendment, Puerto Rico Aquaduct & Sewer Auth. v. Metcalf & Eddy, 113 S.Ct.

The grounds for deportation varies from country to country. Deposition The official statement by a witness taken in writing (as opposed to testimony which where a witnesses give their perception of the facts verbally).

the basis of a lawsuit founded on legal and alleged facts which, if proved, would constitute all the "elements" required by statute.

A defense, in a common-law action, which rests upon equitable or legal and equitable grounds.Full defense.

Vexatious LitigantSomeone who persistently, and without reasonable , brings proceedings in any court, or conducts a proceeding in a troubling manner.

But a court will refuse to grant a divorce based on these grounds if there has been "condonation", which is the obvious or implied forgiveness of the fault.

1 a : something (as evidence) that is obtained or gathered during an action or operation (as a search) <moved to suppress evidence seized from the room on the that it was obtained as the ~ of an illegal arrest National ...

Surety of good behaviour may be demanded from any person who is justly suspected, upon sufficient grounds, of intending to commit a crime or misdemeanor. Surety.

Deportable Alien - An alien in and admitted to the United States subject to any of removal specified in the Immigration and Nationality Act.

In states that have retained fault grounds for divorce, adultery is always sufficient grounds for a divorce.

The law also provides for certain for requesting excuse. In Idaho there are six categories and they are listed on the juror qualification questionnaire.

In states that still allow fault grounds for divorce, adultery is always sufficient grounds for a divorce. In addition, some states factor in adultery when dividing property between divorcing spouses.

Defence to a criminal charge on the that the accused was somewhere other than the scene of a crime when that crime was committed.
Said to be the case, but not yet proved.

cause of action: grounds on which a legal action may be brought (e.g., property damage, personal injury, goods sold and delivered, work labor and services).

An injury to one's body or mind. May be for a lawsuit if someone besides the victim is responsible for the injury.
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Cohabitation: Two people living together. This can be grounds for terminating support in some states and provinces. Often time a period of cohabitation is written.
COLA: The cost of living adjustment (a COLA offset).

Pretrial services officers focus on investigating the back of these persons to help the court determine whether to release or detain them while they await trial.

C-4 motion - Motion to dismiss on grounds that there is no prima facie case of guilt (FRCP 3.190 §(4)) .
Calendar - List of cases scheduled for hearing in court.

Count: The different parts of a complaint, which could each be a basis or for the lawsuit.
Counter Claim: A claim by the defendant in a civil action that the defendant is entitled to damages or other relief from the plaintiff.

probable causeA court decides there's reasonable grounds that a person should be arrested or searched.
pro seIn his own behalf. One who does not retain a lawyer and appears for himself in court.

Questioning the qualifications of an entire jury panel, usually on of some legal fault in composition of the panel, e.g., racial discrimination.
change of venire (veh NI ree; popularly pronounced veh NEER) ...

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Law  Gross revenue  Grounds for divorce

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