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Confidential Information
A contract will commonly contain a clause forbidding disclosure of trade secrets and confidential information to third parties during and after the contract.

"" means information communicated to a real estate licensee or the licensee's agent by the buyer or seller of one to four residential units regarding the real property transaction, ...

A trade secret (or "confidential information") is secret, non-public information concerning the commercial practices or proprietary knowledge of a business, public disclosure of which may sometimes be illegal ...

the use of about a business gained through employment in a company or a stock brokerage, to buy and/or sell stocks and bonds based on the private knowledge that the value will go up or down.

There is support in the law for the contention that where prior and current representations involve the same transaction, access to confidential information by the attorney in the course of the first representation is presumed. See Flatt v.

someone who has a position in a business or stock brokerage, which allows him/her to be privy to (such as future changes in management, upcoming profit and loss reports, secret sales figures and merger negotiations) which ...

It refers to the person who have the access to the private and confidential information about the company progress which the common public so not have an access to, in regards to future prospects, orders, ...

because a relationship of trust and confidence (exists) between the shareholders of a corporation and those insiders who have obtained by reason of their position with that corporation.

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Law  Confidential  Confidentiality

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