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To advise or caution. For example the court may caution or admonish counsel for wrong practices.
Source : Delaware State Courts - First State Judiciary ...

ment : An authoritative statement made to the jury by the judge regarding their conduct as jurors.
AJIS - Advanced Jury Information System : an automated messaging system that improves communications with jurors.

admonish: To warn, advise, or scold.
admonition to jury: What the judge says to the jury about:
(1) what they must do and how they must behave, ...

Often after a judge has stricken some comment or testimony (an answer made before an objection has stopped the witness), he/she es (warns) the jury not to consider the stricken language, ...

In Fender, Justice Atkin also admonished judges to exercise extreme caution in regards to the doctrine: ...

Admonition Where a person has pleaded guilty or been convicted of an offence, In some circumstances the court may the offender not to do it again and impose no other penalty.

See also: See also: Court, Law, Judge, Order, Cause

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