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in law, formal declaration or admission by a person who executed an instrument (e.g., a will or a deed) that the instrument is his.

1. A declaration before an official that one has executed a particular legal document.

n. acknowledgment is a declaration or avowal of one's own act, to give it legal validity. It is the act of the grantor going before a competent officer and declaring some action or deed to be recorded legally as his own.

: the act of going before a qualified officer (e.g., Clerk) and declaring the validity of the document. The officer certifies same, whose certification is known as the ...

Acknowledgment - A formal declaration before an authorized official by the person who executed an instrument that it is his free act and deed; the certificate of the official on such instrument attesting that it was so acknowledged.

: 1. A statement of acceptance of responsibility. 2. The short declaration at the end of a legal paper showing that the paper was duly executed and acknowledged.
Acquit: To find a defendant not guilty in a criminal trial.

Acknowledgment of Satisfaction of Judgment: A court form that the judgment creditor must fill out, sign, and file with the court when the judgment is fully paid.

- A statement made before a notary public or other person who is authorized to administer oaths stating that the document being signed was actually signed by the person whose signature appears on the document.

n. the section at the end of a document where a notary public verifies that the signer of the document states he/she actually signed it.

, conveyancing. The act of the grantor going before a competent officer, and declaring the instrument to be his act or deed, and desiring the same to be recorded as such.

Definition - Noun
1 a : the act of acknowledging
b : the act of admitting paternity
compare filiation
2 : a thing done or given in recognition of something received <an ~ came in the mail> ...

An acknowledged signature is a signature taken before a notary public. Unlike a normal jurat, an confirms the identity of the individual signing the instrument.

Short declaration at end of a legal paper showing paper was duly executed and acknowledged.
acquittal ...

A process by which parents can establish paternity without bringing a legal action.
Wage Assignment/
Order of Assignment ...

"(1) A simple acknowledgment under seal of the debt; (2) an instrument acknowledging the debt and charging the property of the company with repayment; (3) an instrument acknowledging the debt, charging the property of the company with repayment, ...

DUE-BILL - An of a debt, in writing. This instrument differs from a promissory note in many particulars; e.g., it is not payable to order, nor is it assignable by mere endorsement.
--b-- ...

: a formal written acknowledgment by an obligee (as a mortgagee) that an obligation has been satisfied and that the obligor is discharged
Satisfy ...

In family law cases, an entered into before a judge, justice of the peace or clerk when a bond is posted that money is owed if certain conditions are not met.

Dujonquai, too, must have taken receipts or acknowledgments at each trip, he must read them, and on arriving at home, deposited them in some place of safety all these distractions would necessarily occasion the loss of a few minutes.

A security procedure may require the use of algorithms or codes, identifying words or numbers, encryption, answerback or procedures, or similar security devices." IEWSA 103(25).

voluntary acknowledgment, genetic test results) creates a presumption that the man is the father of a child.

Confessio. Latin. ; admission; confession.
Confessio facti. Admission of a fact. Confessio juris. Admission of the law -- of the effect of a thing in law.

n. a written and signed acknowledgment by the recipient of paymen...
n. 1) a neutral person (often a professional trustee) appointed b...

A self-incriminatory statement falling short of a complete of guilt.
Source: Judge Advocate General.
Saying that certain facts are true. But not saying you are guilty.

"Funeral merchandise" includes, but is not limited to, acknowledgment cards, alternative containers, caskets, clothing, cremation containers, cremation interment containers, flowers, memory folders, monuments, outer burial containers, prayer cards, ...

Most states use a form entitled Receipt and of Acceptance of Service (or similar language), which the person who is served signs, dates, and sends back to the attorney who sent the complaint or petition.

Notary Public - A public officer whose function it is to administer oaths, to attest and certify documents, and to take acknowledgments.

ATTESTATION CLAUSE: The statement in a will that verifies that two persons have witnessed, by their signature, the signing of the will by the testator. Or, it can be the verification of the testator's that he or she signed the ...

- A formal written statement by a party to a lawsuit which answers each question or interrogatory propounded by the other party. These answers must be acknowledged before a notary public or other person authorized to take acknowledgments., ...

It should indeed be noted that Aristotle’s statement of theory receives little in Athenian practice: when a litigant in an extant speech pleads for the application of natural justice in his favour, ...

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Law  Accusation  Acquiescence

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