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Solitaire Diamonds
When we talk of solitaires, these are single precious stones or a piece of jewelry with a single precious stone in it.

Classic Ring in Yellow Gold
Comfort-Fit Ring in White Gold (2mm) ...

Pearl Solitaire
Floater necklaces on invisible cord started the trend, and the solitaire pearl is taking center stage. One exquisite pearl, suspended by seemingly invisible line floats in the hollow of your neck.

Diamond Ring
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Cathedral Setting - This ring is very popular. There is a band, very similar to the Tiffany Setting. The difference is where the diamond is. To the left and right of the diamond, the band splits into two.

Solitaire Rings (Diamond Engagement Rings with a Solitaire)-
If a classic diamond engagement ring is something that you have in mind, there is nothing better than a Solitaire ring.

Engagement Rings
A classic engagement ring puts a lot of emphasis on the diamond. Usually there is a simple prong setting, along with a solid gold or platinum band.

Solitaire wedding bands
Solitaire wedding bands generally have a single stone studded in either of 14k or 18k white gold, yellow gold, platinum, silver or some other metal.

: A pendant or ring with a single gemstone.
Spring Ring: One of the most common clasps on necklaces and bracelets. A clasp that features a ring which opens via a small, internal spring.

Typically used to describe a ring or pendant set with a single gemstone.
Step cut ...

A is a ring set with a single stone, usually a diamond.

Solitaire -
A single diamond in a metal setting, such as a rings, earrings, or necklaces.

: A single, (solitary), gemstone mounted in a simple setting, often found in a ring or pendant.
Sparkle: A measure of the light reflected out by a diamond or stone as it is viewed from different angles.

Solitaire: A solitaire, often found in rings and pendants, is a single stone in a simple setting. Compare Center Stone and Side Stone.

: A single diamond or stone set by itself in mounting.
Step Cut: With rows of facets that resemble the steps of a staircase. The Emerald cut and Baguette are example of the step cut.

A single stone that is in a very basic setting.
Split Ring
Finding used to join two or more pieces of chain or other findings. The wire goes around twice, like a mini key-ring, which makes it difficult for the piece to come apart.

A simple piece of jewellery, usually a ring, set with a single gemstone, most often a diamond
A large, triangualr piece of jewellery, usually extending from the neck to the waist and worn as a bodice ornament ...

Solitaire A ring or other piece of jewellery containing a single diamond, or sometimes a single major diamond with smaller diamonds as embellishments.

A ring set with a single stone, usually a diamond.
Sterling Silver
To qualify as "sterling" a given piece must be composed of at least 92.5% pure silver.

solitaire - a ring with a single gemstone as its prominent feature.
stripping - the process of removing a thin layer of metal from a surface. This can be done by immersion in acid or by reverse electroplating.

The word "" is derived from the French language, in which it means "solitary," "alone," or "eremite.

Solitaire - Often found in rings or pendants, a solitaire focuses attention on a single stone in a simple setting.

Used to describe wither a ring with a single central stone or the central stone itself.

Solitaire: Generally used to describe a ring with a single center stone, or the stone itself.

Snake chain: Machine chain, round square, rectangular or oval; joints between links are curved to suggest snakeskin.

Moissanite Ring Collections
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Solitaire diamond pendant have a timeless beauty that will complement all kinds of outfits and on all occasions.

Ring: A ring is a very classic ring style. Often seen for engagement rings, rings feature a band with a single gemstone set above the band in a prong setting.

Solitaire rings are also popular as are matched pairs for stud earrings and side stones for diamond rings. There is a noticeable increase in demand for heart shaped diamond around Valentine's Day.

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: is the general descriptor of a single diamond or gemstone, mounted alone on the band. The setting varieties could include bezel, prong, or other styles.

Solitaire sets with pretty Nailsea or other colourful marbles are also likely to have received childish attentions; once again, set the board up to make sure it is complete.

- Although usually referring to a ring with a single stone, this refers to any piece of jewelry with one important gemstone; it can have supporting stones on the sides.

Rings, earrings or necklaces that feature a single diamond in a metal setting.
South Sea Pearl ...

A single gemstone or diamond that is mounted in a simple setting.
Sparkle ...

A term used to refer to a ring containing a single diamond or other gem.
Sparkle ...

A (single-stone) setting for a faceted stone consisting of six long, slender prongs.
Tiger's eye
A black quartz stone that, due to staining from iron oxide, contains yellow and golden brown stripes.

Diamond Solitaire
Price: $185.00
4mm 14k Band
Price: $77.50
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