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Used to describe or designate a true precious stone, as opposed to a synthetic or "fake" version of the stone in costume jewelry.

How to Buy Genuine Rolex Watches
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: Unless the word "" is included in the description of a piece of jewelry, it could simply be using the term to describe the color of the piece rather than its actual content.

Genuine Stones
Genuine stones are treated or untreated natural stones. They may be kept as natural or untreated or may be treated to improve their appearance.

It is common to see the following words when describing costume jewelry: amethyst, diamond, garnet, emerald, ruby, sapphire. These words should not be interpreted to mean the precious stones with these names.

Genuine Stone
A gemstone that is produced by nature without interference from man, other than cutting or fashioning. Do not confuse 'natural' with untreated gemstones.

A precious topaz is a rare, expensive and beautiful stone. This transparent variety of colored gemstones has an orthorhombic crystal structure with two or three phase inclusions.

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CORAL (): Skeleton of the coral polyp which was highly popular in fashionable English Victorian circles. Most coral used in Victorian jewelry came from the Mediterranean.

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sapphires, including Ceylon sapphires are part of the Corundum gem family and are second only to diamonds in hardness. This strength makes them an excellent choice of jewelry because of their durability.

Genuine Pearl
A smooth, round growth formed naturally within the shell of a mollusk due to an irritant; used as a gem.
Gilt ...

foil backs: to improve the performance of a gemstone
False foil backs: to give a different color to a gemstone so to mimic another
Imitation foil backs: the same as a false foil back, but applied to glass (for example a chaton) ...

One genuine diamond (.005 carat) is set into each piece of 14K gold. The piece is then paved with diamond dust crystallized in enamel.
Diamond Table
The uppermost flat surface and biggest facet of a cut stone.

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Since all genuine pearls are grown over time by the oyster, they will vary in shape, luster and color. Because of this, there have developed over the centuries terminology to quantify a pearl's characteristics.

How to tell from fake
Necklace Lengths

What's the best size to wear during the day or evening?

Prices of Genuine Jewels
The prices of jewels are not stable. There is no law governing their prices, and there is no reason why these prices should not fluctuate with time and place. Each country, each nation carries its own temper.

You can have ly happy holidays if you take a long look at your holiday plans, and identify the areas which are making you uncomfortable or setting off alarms. For example: ...

ZIRCON A genuine and natural gemstone not to be confused with Cubic Zirconium, which is a synthetic. Zircon is common in colorless, blue and pink or rose varieties. Colorless Zircon was used as a Diamond simulant until Cubic Zirconia came along.

Cuillin Marbles
& distinctive Isle of Skye Marble.
A small craft company making gifts and jewellery
from polished Isle of Skye marble.

CULTURED PEARL A genuine pearl formed within a mollusk such as an Oyster.

Trained individuals, despite claims of cubic zirconia manufacturers, also have little trouble distinguishing a diamond when it is examined under at least 10 power magnification.

Costume JewelryPopularized in the1940s, costume jewelry are items that do not contain genuine precious gemstones and were usually not made from precious metals.

It even has the same chemical composition " both and simulated hematite are iron oxide. True hematite leaves a red streak when scratched across a piece of unglazed porcelain, while the simulated products usually leave a gray streak.

If you arrive early, you have a better chance at finding genuine bargains before another buyer recognizes their "true" value.
As with any purchase, you will be able to negotiate a better price if you are purchasing a larger quantity.

Like all very valuable gems, pearls have stimulated the ingenuity of man to attempt to make imitations that would pass for . Perhaps the most ingenious, as well as the most natural looking product, is the "cultured pearl.

Jadeite and nephrite are both regarded in China as 'zhen yu', 'genuine jade'.

Star Rubies are usually not heat treated because heating can dissolve the rutile (silk) which causes the star to form in the first place.
Beware of Synthetic (Lab-made) Star Rubies! Synthetic star rubies jump out as way too perfect looking, i.

When one asks why genuine natural gemstones are so expensive, it is usually by way of comparison with synthetic stones, and other cheap man made imitations which are produced by the ton in factories.

Synonyms are "gold topaz," "Madeira topaz" or "Spanish" topaz, although these citrines only superficially resemble topaz because they share a similar color with that gem.

Each genuine Orchid content has been carefully filtered to remove the junk from the genuine. Each is formatted to make the list content as clean and readable as possible. Flames are not allowed (though sometimes comments come near that boundary).

Xui Jade: (also called "Xiuyan Jade") is not a Jadeite or Nephrite, rather a form of Serpentine - Mg6[Si4O10](OH) - named after Xiuyan city in LiaoNing province of northeastern China where it is mined.

And we know that some people don't want to invest in genuine gemstones, or are perhaps looking for low-cost jewelry that is safe for travelling. That is why we offer a budget-friendly alternative to the real thing with our imitation gemstone jewelry.

Opal triplets are composed of a rock quartz layer over opal joined to a base. Triplets resist marring, and the quartz acts to play up the brilliance of the stone.

On the whole, though, I would be wary of buying unsigned pieces, because much of what I have seen offered online, does not appear to be genuine McClelland Barclay jewelry.

How do I know if a diamond is ?
You will not. You need to be an expert and use specialised equipment to make sure a diamond is real.

A common test to determine whether a pearl is genuine or imitation consists of scraping the pearl gently across one's teeth. Imitation pearls feel smooth to the tooth, while genuine pearls feel slightly gritty or abrasive.

They can be distinguished from stones by several tests:
by revealing a ring around the gridle, especially when immersed in water or certain liquids and then viewed from the side
by having different specific gravity ...

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