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Natural color enhanced diamonds are natural, mined diamonds. Once they are faceted, they are treated in a couple of different ways, which include electronic beam and high heat.

Diamond "enhancements" are specific treatments performed on cut, polished natural diamonds, which are designed to improve the visual or gemological characteristics of the stone, but not necessarily increase its value.

Enhanced: Nearly all gemstones available today have been enhanced to bring out their best color or to strengthen them.

A gemstone that has been treated to improve one or more of its characteristics including colour, clarity and strength. Some common enhancements are heating, oiling or coating the surface, irradiation, filling cracks and dyeing ...

Enhanced This indicates that this type of gemstone is routinely enhanced.

: an gem has received some type of treatment to change its characteristics: Ex. irradiation, heating, dyeing, oiling, laser drilling, etc.

Enhanced stones are stones that have been treated to improve their color, clarity, finish, strength, or other characteristics.

Foutz turquoise: This is the common name for medium-grade turquoise treated by a proprietary process that impregnates and hardens the stone with vaporized quartz.

COLOR-ENHANCED: Any treatment process that enhances or changes the color of a gemstone. This may include heat-treating, irradiation, dying, bleaching, oiling, to name a few.

Clarity : A diamond that has been treated to improve its appearance by filling fissures or fractures with a transparent substance.

clarity enhanced See fracture filled.
clarity grade The position of a diamond's clarity grade falls on a GIA scale that ranges from flawless down to I3.

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Enhanced Moissanite
Amora Moissanite
Forever Brilliant Moissanite
Amora Moissanite Jewelry
Forever Brilliant Jewelry ...

sometimes to improve the colour.
Brazil, Australia, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Zambia, Canada, India, Madagascar, Namibia, Russia, Sri Lanka and USA.

Enhanced: Modifying a stone's characteristics such as color, finish of strength to name a few. Most gemstones found today have been enhanced. Common enhancements include: oiling, bleaching and dyeing.

Not (N)
The "N" symbol is used on our invoices to indicate one of two situations. First, there are certain gemstones that are not currently known to be (alexandrite, some garnets, etc.).

Some gemstones are known not to be enhanced at all.

Any treatment process that enhances or changes the color of a gemstone. Common treatments include but are not limited to heat-treating, irradiation, dying, bleaching, and oiling.
Comfort Fit: ...

[N] Not enhanced.
one of a kind
Set in a unique 14 kt. yellow gold heart shaped pendant, includes a 14 kt yellow gold chain.
Diamond$ 649.99 ...

Clarity , Clarity Enhancement
The "improvement" in the apparent clarity of a diamond usually by filling surface cracks with glass. Not recommended.
Clean ...

Whether color enhanced, lasered, or cut from the most perfect raw state, your jeweler will inform you of the magical journey your diamond has followed, from deep within earth's mantle to the fine, finished gemstone you see before you.

Color-:A treatment process that alters a gemstone's color. Heat, irradiation, dying, bleaching and oiling are among possible treatments that enhance gemstone color.

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Resentment (Willow) ...

Retro Cuff Bracelet by Applied Charms and Stickpins c.1945.
Photo Courtesy of Christie's.
Trabert & Hoeffer-Mauboussin "Reflection" Emerald Bracelet. c.1940
Photo Courtesy of Sotheby's.

This new cut enhanced the fire and light of the stone; it had a small table, a high crown, wide step facets, a deep pavilion and square culet. This cut became very popular in Art Deco jewelry and was a forerunner of the emerald cut.

ANHYDRITE Communication with angels and guides, psychic perception, self acceptance and forgiveness
ANGELITE Serenity, angelic communication and expanded awareness ...

It facilitates balancing of the mental process such that the attunement to the higher-self can be attained, and ones awareness and spirituality can be enhanced.

Pictures are to improve the colour and they add all sorts of tags like "super AAAAA Tanzanite" and equally subjective and meaningless terms to entice the buyer.

In 1990s, a new type of enhanced topaz made its appearance. Not all colorless topaz can be enhanced to a good blue color. This situation left a large quantity of low value colorless topaz material on the market, with little demand for such gems.

Although opal is rarely by methods other than cutting and polishing, opals can be treated to bring out their play of color.

Another question to ask: has the emerald been treated or enhanced? For example, emeralds have long been treated with color-less oils such as linseed or cedarwood oils to soften the visible effect of the inclusions.

Diffusion treated stones are color- (not naturally colored) stones. The diffusion process only colors the outer surface of the stone, so chipping or repolishing will result in a loss of color.

Today, many emeralds are enhanced with colourless oils or resins. This is a general trade practice, but it does have the consequence that these green treasures react very sensitively to inappropriate treatment.

Approximately 1 in 3 diamonds sold has been treated or "" in some way. A variety of techniques exist to artificially improve the natural clarity of a diamond.

The combination of large volume commercial operations on the Missouri River, and to some extent Rock Creek, plus the advent of successful heat-treating techniques for the material has greatly enhanced the acceptance of these sapphires by the gemstone ...

Those which are not normally .
The "E" symbol indicates that the gemstone has undergone its traditional enhancement process. The type of enhancement process covered by this symbol is indicated on the following chart.

Ethidium bromide's fluorescence is greatly enhanced when it binds to DNA, so this compound is very useful in visualising the location of DNA fragments in agarose gel electrophoresis.

In recent years, a new treatment for corundum has appeared, in which poorly colored corundum is heated in chemicals to deposit a thin (less than 0.5 mm) layer of color on the surface of the stone.

Given the rarity of South Seas black cultured pearls, there are enhanced black cultured pearls that can be used as an alternative.

The green coloration is caused by small amounts of chromium and by traces of iron.
Gemstone Physical Characteristics: Unlike other Beryls, Emeralds often contain inclusions and other flaws.

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