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chaton a rhinestone or paste stone that has 8 cuts. Most rhinestones are chaton cut.
Demi Parure see Parure below ...

A necklace that fits close to the neck, usually about 15" in length.

Is a cone shaped crystal bead or gemstone where the top circular edge is bevelled.
Chip ...

A setting (also called coronet or arcade setting) is one in which the stone is held in by many metal claws around a metal ring.

Chaton: A faceted stone that is round.
Champlevé: An enameling technique in which areas of metal are cut, etched or routed and then filled with enamel (molten glass). Most commonly applied to copper or bronze.

: A cone shaped rhinestone or crystal.
setting: See Arcade setting.

Chaton setting: See Arcade setting.
Chatoyant: Chantoyancy is the effect in certain translucent stones when viewed in a suitable direction and light showing a streak of light in the interior that reflects across a curved surface as ...

- a faceted stone that is round in shape. Popular in rhinestone jewelry.
Chatelaine pin - two pins or brooches worn joined together with a chain joining them.

Chatons are cone-shaped crystals or gemstones where the top circular edge is bevelled. The term also refers to cone-shaped beads that have been backed with foil to make them sparkle ...

Setting: See Arcade Setting.
Chatoyancy: A stone that changes luster in different lighting much like a cat's eye effect. They are usually cut in cabochon shapes to enhance luster.

ChatonCone shaped crystal or rhinestone ChokerA necklace worn tight around the neck ChokerA short, close fitting necklace; like a collar.

In 1892, Daniel developed a new mechanized technique for faceting glass crystals, creating a sparkling, diamond-like "." He then started a factory (and company) in Wattens, Austria (in the Tyrolean Alps) in 1895.

The method of securing a gemstone to a piece of jewellery, usually metallic. There are nummerous kinds of settings, inlcuding arcade, bezel, channel, coronet, collet, chaton, and pave ...

Genuine foil backs: to improve the performance of a gemstone
False foil backs: to give a different color to a gemstone so to mimic another
Imitation foil backs: the same as a false foil back, but applied to glass (for example a ) ...

See also: See also: Glass, Jewel, Rough, Metal, Shape

Jewelry  Chatelaine  Chaton setting

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