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A bib necklace is one composed of several strands of beads or gemstones that hang in a bib shape. Bib necklaces can also be a fringe or collar style necklace evoking a bib-like shape.

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bib necklace
A necklace with multiple strands or designed to cover from the neckline down several inches similar to a bib.
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A (also known as a collarette) is a short necklace with flowing ornaments in the front.

Aztec Bib Necklace - Tutorial
by Rena Klingenberg. This is a great project for using some of your wire scraps! (Of course, you can use […]
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This style of necklace mimics a baby's bib, with a thick section at the centre and a thinner fastening around the back of the neck ...

Bib Necklace: A short necklace with multiple dangles.
Birthstone: A gemstone used to represent a particular month. See Chart ...

Bib: A consists of several strands of pearls of varying lengths.

Bib NecklaceA necklace that covers the decollete similar to a hanker chief necklace. This style was popularized by Whiting and Davis.Bicycle ChainA jewelry chain that resembles the chain on a bicycle.

A collarette (also known as a ) is a short necklace with flowing ornaments at the front.

A Colorado ruby is actually a pyrope garnet (and not a ruby at all).

A collarette (also known as a bib necklace) is a short necklace with flowing ornaments at the front.

Cartier designed a pair of gold and emerald and rose diamond earrings to match the sold by Harry Winston. This set of earrings was placed by Wallis herself.

Beading Project: Make a jeweled beaded bib necklace.
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