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ground floor (premier étage, m., rez-de-chaussée, f.) The floor of a building closest to finish grade. Also referred to as the first floor.
grounding system See electrical terms.

s of solid concrete are prone to two main problems cracking or potholing of the surface, and rising damp caused by a failure in the damp-proof membrane within the floor structure.

A ground floor bathroom - particularly one off the kitchen - is sure to put off potential buyers, but moving it upstairs does not have to mean losing a bedroom.

The consists of two large sections, a living room and an open space kitchen. An unusual fireplace has been chosen in completing the house's simplistic, yet elegant design.

On the ground floor, the glass tower houses an exercise pool.
Battered columns of Western Maryland fieldstone flank a patio by the koi pond.
A bridge leads from the main house to one of the stone garages.

Concrete s can have high density rigid board insulation fitted above the concrete slab or below the concrete slab.

Ground floors are typically brick or flags made of stone, including York stone, granite, slate, sandstone and marble. Tiles are also used - plain, glazed or boldly patterned.
Upstairs floors are oak or elm, in planks as wide as 24 inches.

I'm on the apartment and my neighbors upstairs are simply animals. The first month there they must not have realized someone had moved in, as they had parties on Thursday, Wednesday, Sunday nights until about 4 a.m.

Ground Floor The floor of a building that is approximately level with the ground. Grout A thin, fluid mortar used to fill small joints and cavities in masonry work.

the principal floor of a large house, with higher ceilings than the /basement or floor(s) above, and containing the main reception rooms. Based on Italian Renaissance ideas, and meaning ?noble floor
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Find a suitable location To heat your home properly, you should install your wood burning stove in a central location on the ground floor, where heat can circulate easily into nearby rooms.

The kitchen, located in the basement or the , continued to be operated by servants.

For your window, since your bathroom is on the ground floor you will need privacy as well as a decorative treatment. Glass block is a consideration, but it may be the wrong choice for the style this room is taking on.

Since it takes most of the lift capacity of the slow flow DC pump to raise the water from the well up to the elevation of the new house, ...

Q: The master bedroom on the ground floor of my seven-year-old home is very cold in the winter compared to the rest of the house. The bedroom ceiling is about 15 feet high, and the room has a bay window that extends the wall about two feet.

Striving to stick as closely as possible to an original Cape Dutch design, Printy copied the simple floor plan that is a signature of the style: The rectangular is symmetrically divided into three sections.

Ground floors can be 'nogged' with short lengths of floor joist to tighten-up the mooring and further blocked against partition walls. First-floor joists must support a level floor and carry a smooth underlining of plasterboard for the ceiling below.

Basements are close enough to the area to be used as playrooms, nanny bedrooms and bathrooms when a new baby arrives, living rooms, kitchens or accommodation for relatives.

The ground floor represented a garage, complete with its own personalised mini cooper. The first floor became a 70's inspired lounge for meetings, with chairs situated around an artificial fireplace.

It is composed of an alternating series of 2 and 4 story vertical atriums that work their way up the building from the up to the top. There were 4 two story and 4 four story atriums.

First, consider all the ways in which you can expand the ground floor.

The paint on the basement ()walls is all peeling off and I believe it's effervescence that's growing on some walls near the flooring. The basement is very humid in the summer, so we have a dehumidifier down there in the summer.

Since being a general contractor means having an overall knowledge of a lot of different trades, most general contractors usually start out working from the ground floor in the construction industry as a construction worker.

An elevated platform. "Deck" is also commonly used to refer to the above-s in multi-level parking garage.
Deck Paint
An enamel with a high degree of resistance to mechanical wear, designed for use on such surfaces as porch floors.

This shingle-style four-bedroom cottage home plan has an expansive great room on the ground floor, as well as a vaulted recreation room on the second level. A wealth of windows surrounds the fireplace in the two-story great room at its core, which is.

Sleeper wall: Supports a timber , and is often built in honeycomb brickwork to allow ventilation of the space under the floor.

A single-family home with an Architect's office on the ground floor. Through material and scale, the building acts as a transition between its commercial and residential neighbors.

I have air condition pipes on the side of my house,from the condenser on the to the second floor that I would like to cover. Does anyone make a product that goes over the pipes???

The portico leads to a garage on the ground floor of the carriage house.
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An impervious layer (polythene sheeting, bitumen etc) within a concrete slab to prevent rising damp.
A window which projects out from a roof slope.

Animation of the north (city) side of the street which will rejuvenate ground floor retail activity and urban vibrancy.

Adequate insulation is essential to energy efficiency. Builders typically insulate the attic and the exterior walls of above-s, but leave concrete basement walls unfinished. You must ...
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- Ceiling heights: 10 feet ground floor, 10 feet first floor, 9 feet second floor
- Basement foundation
The Idea House will be open Saturday, June 6, to Sunday, October 18. Hours are
11 a.m.-5 p.m. Wednesday-Saturday, 1-5 p.m. Sunday.

GROUND PLAN (FLOOR) Plan view of a horizontal section of a building showing the layout of rooms on the .
GROWTH RINGS Reflection of seasonal growth pattern in timber.

For example, if your fan is located on the ground floor, you could run wire along or through a joist in the basement, securing it in place with cable staples, and up through the wall to the location of the switch.

A low space above or below the house, just tall enough to permit such work as jacking up a sagging from below or installing ceiling fixtures above.
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A single-family house is contained within walls extending from the basement (or the ground floor, if there is no basement) to the roof. A mobile home with one or more rooms added is classified as a single- family home.

No stairs are necessary to reach the easily accessible secondary Bedroom on the . The rear stair is conveniently located near the Family Room. Upstairs are two additional Bedroooms, each with its own Vanity area.

These fixtures can also be of great use to younger people with limited mobility (not to mention those whose mobility is unhindered, but who would simply rather not bear the burden of carrying difficult items up from the ground floor).

Triple-hung windows are frequently seen on the of Greek Revival houses. Trumeau A pillar in the center of a Romanesque or Gothic portal.

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