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Better ball
A match where golfers play in pairs. The better score on each hole is recorded.
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A match involving four players in teams of two, in which each player plays his/her own ball. The scoring format can be either Match Play, Strokeplay or Stableford.

Better Ball - A match, usually a fourball, in which the better score of the two or more players determines the result of the hole.
Bingo - First ball hit onto the green.
Bango - Ball closest to the pin once all players are on the green.

: A match play or stroke play game when two players on a side each play their own ball score the better of their two scores at each hole against the other side.

Holes 1-6, better ball
Holes 7-12, alternate shot
Holes 13-18, 2-man scramble
But as noted, when using 3 In 1 as part of your regular weekly outing with your golf buddies, you can make the three formats as wacky as you like.

Best Ball /
Best score on a hole by partners in a best-ball match.
Birdie ...

better ball: A game format for teams of two. The lowest score counts as the team score on each hole.
birdie: One under par on a hole.
bite: Slang word for "backspin" the ball lands and spins backwards.

00 Entry Women - Opening Day-3 Ball Stableford. (Partners Drawn - Wednesday Ladies invited) SUNDAY 22nd .....Open mixed Greensome, Singles Stableford noon start WEDNESDAY 25th ..Women - Opening Day-3 Ball Stableford.

Best-Ball a match where an individual plays against the better ball of two, or the best ball of three, players -- commonly and mistakenly thought of as two-man teams playing their best ball against each other, ...

Best-Ball - Gross and net of 3 or more players
Greensomes - Two player gross and net team game
Chapman - Two player gross and net team game
9-Point Game - Gross or net betting game for a threesome ...

If you've been told the key to better ballstriking is to keep your head down, odds are you're a golfer who puts a slice on the ball. Also, you're a victim of bad advice, since keeping your head down can cause a variety of swing (and back) problems.

A match in which the of two players is played against the of their opponents
An iron club used for distances of between 155-190 yards for men's clubs. Also known as a mashie iron.

Picture a roller coaster for better ball-striking
From The Top: Don't be in a rush to swing down. Your club's acceleration should be gradual, like cars coming down a roller coaster.
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Increase your club head speed for greater distance, striking
By Les Miller,
Beginning from the top of your back swing, feel your arms starting to straighten out, fully extending upon impact. (Jeff White/WorldGolf.com) ...

Some might say the results I have are because I am a better ball striker; I say it's because I always play the safe shot off the tee and leave myself an easy approach shot into the green.

Best ball: A match in which one player plays against the of two players or the best ball of three players.
Birdie: A score of 1 stroke less than par on a given hole, for example, a score of 3 on a par 4.

A match between two teams of two players each in which the better ball of one team is played against the better ball of the other. See also best ball.
Four-Iron ...

Four ball - A match in which the of two players is played against the of their opponents.

A match in which one golfer plays against the best ball of three players or the better ball of two players.
One stroke under par.

When it comes to full shots (not pitches, chips or putts), maintaining a consistent stance is critical to becoming a striker.

What you must learn to do is: 1) understand how the positioning of your left foot will affect your shots; and 2) examine your own swing for the flaws that these foot positions can cure. I'm sure you'll notice a better ballflight after you experiment ...

Four-Ball : A match in which two 2-person teams compete against each other using the one best score from each side (commonly and mistakenly referred to as Best-Ball, which is actually one player competing against the of two or three ...

You cannot play a fine low ball into the wind with it nor will it get you out of the difficult lies with the accuracy that a sleek will. Because a player may get a better ball with a spoon is no evidence that the spoon is the better club inherently.

While the effort is greater to learn Hogan's non-manipulative swing, the reward is greater too--when you are able to apply the motion reasonably well, you will be a much striker than you could ever be with a swing that requires ...

Both Nike and Callaway went more in the “square headed direction' claiming that shape created better ball flight and straighter shots. Remember, all of this was done with “game improvement in mind.' ...

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Golf  Best Ball  Biarritz

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