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Literally it means describing populations. [Category=Data Warehousing ] ...

ly anything can go into the data records: characters in numeric fields, for example. The validity of the data depends on software enforcement of the field types.

Allopatric: literally, "other country"; refers to distribution areas of different taxa that do not overlap.
Circumboreal: found throughout the high latitude forests of the northern hemisphere; that is, in North America and Eurasia.

Carnivore - ly, an organism that eats meat. Most carnivores are animals, but a few fungi, plants, and protists are as well.
Cetacean - Any member of the group of marine mammals that includes whales, dolphins and porpoises ...

We can express the literal explanation above with the following formula
(1) ...

The original measuring instrument (Gunter's chain) was ly a chain consisting of 100 iron links, each 7.92 inches long.

Lithography Printing method (literally 'writing on stone') in which images are printed based on the incompatibility of water and grease. Initially, ink adhered to map features drawn with a grease crayon, and printed.

prototype = { // object gcd : function() { // method that calculates the greatest common denominator // Euclidean algorithm: var a = Math.abs(this.a), b = Math.abs(this.

[1] A literal translation would be "to describe or write about the Earth". The first person to use the word "geography" was Eratosthenes (275-195 B.C.).

These institutions are responsible for the collecting, cataloguing, protection, and scientific access of ly millions of germplasm samples from tens of thousands of crop varieties.

Decision, decision theory, decision-making means literally a "cut" between past and future, the creation of a new direction within the emerging historical pattern. A decision is made creative through the freedom which uncertainty provides.

An azimuthal projection is obtained by projecting the earth, either ly or figuratively, onto a plane that touches the earth at a single point, called the center of the map..

Literally, hundreds of experts with case studies, lessons learned, and amazing insight about applying GIS to just about any problem you could imagine.

It can digest ly tons of biomass in an hour, sorting that biomass into clean grain measured by a grain flow sensor. Material other than grain goes out the back as chaff.

The argument exp can be the name of a column, the result of another scalar function, or a literal.

There are ly millions of web pages out there containing map images.

Perform geographic queries
The ability of GIS to search databases and perform geographic queries has saved many companies literally millions of dollars. GISs have helped
Decrease the time taken to answer customer requests.

A great deal of literature exists on this complicated topic - it is quite ly a topic which has launched a thousand PhD research projects! Some good sources of basic information can be found in Batini et al.

We could see what the impacts were from one set of criteria on another set of criteria literally by changing input values. It made what could have been a huge headache very easy."
- Tim Lack, Martin/Martin, Wheat Ridge CO ...

Consider, for example, a system which enables its user to combine and manipulate demographic, lifestyle, and other customer-related data to quite ly pinpoint areas of untapped business opportunity.

logical expressionA combination of items, system items, system variables, literals and arithmetic logical operators from which a value of TRUE or FALSE is derived; for example, ...

These images allow researchers to view their subjects in ways that ly never have been seen before. The images are often invaluable for conveying the technical concepts of GIS study subjects to non-scientists.

of a GIS system depends on the nature of the hardware and software being used, the reliability and scale of the data fed into it, and the expertise of the people who run it and interpret its results. The advent of GIS has made it possible literally ...

If you take a minute or two at the beginning of creating a project to create and set a working directory, you can save yourself ly hours of cleanup later.

but also will try to participate in GIS activities for locating powerline corridors, airports, shopping centers, waste disposal sites, and other development activities. One misplaced development, such as those previously listed, can literally reverse ...

See also: See also: Information, Location, Feature, Element, Map

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