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Set Noun Synonyms: set down, place, put, situate, locate, site, plant, position, station, stand, lay, install or instal, lodge, mount, park, deposit, plump, drop, plunk or plonk (down)
Set Verb Synonyms: establish, fix, fasten on, appoint ...

Goals And Live Your Dream
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Why You Must Find Your Passion, Goals And Live Your Dream by Saleem Rana ...

Set Your Rear Deltoids On FIRE!
by Nick Nilsson
Target: Rear Delts. One Simple Movement And They'll Be Burning! ...

This is only 400 meters of swimming, but the challenge is to swim each 50 at "race pace.

As a set begins, with each repetition, you gradually exhaust the targeted muscle's momentary ability to generate force. As the set's final rep begins, this momentary ability is on the verge of being completely spent.

How To Up A Home Gym
A home gym is a place where you exercise and lift up weights, in short, it is a compact unit of equipments which allows you to perform different exercises at home.

Extended Set Techniques
Written by Jim Brewster
The concept of progressive overload is one of the most important in bodybuilding.

Every year we New Year resolutions that we just can't see through. Why is this? With all good intentions, we ourselves goals that are unfortunately unrealistic.

Articles > Weight Training > One Set to Failure
The issue of doing one set to failure can be viewed a few different ways.

Indoor Cycling: The Breakdown on Bike -Up
If you are looking for a cardio workout that offers a big calorie payoff with minimal impact on your hips, knees and ankles, indoor cycling is a great option that delivers on both fronts.

This is the sequence of an in-set superset - lying tricep extension then up to the start position, then close grip press, then to the start, then back down to lying tricep extension.

First Lady Michelle Obama is attempting to the Guinness World Record for the most people simultaneously doing jumping jacks. In honor of her world-record attempt, here's a look at more amazing record-setting fitness feats.
By Annie Hauser ...

net > Store > Posters > Poster Set
These high-quality, full-color posters complement the Flexibility for Sport and Fitness videos, ...

How to Get a Complete Workout With One of Dumbbells
We'll show you how to work your whole body with just two weights -- seriously.

Set a regular bedtime. Going to bed at the same time each night signals to your body that it's time to sleep. Waking up at the same time every day can also help establish sleep patterns.

goals and celebrate them
When you a goal to get fit, the "big idea" is to build towards a healthier lifestyle that you can adopt for the long-haul.

Set Goals
Setting Goals (And Objectives)
Goal setting is the art that makes everything else possible. It adds aim to energy, focuses effort and, for some, structures time.

a goal. First, ask your doctor how long you'll be sidelined.
To avoid workout withdrawal, find out what else you can do to stay in shape and a doable goal to achieve by the time you're all healed up. Let's say swimming gets a green light.

Set Your Plan Into Action
It's true that most of us were never taught goal-setting as a kid. However, this doesn't mean it's not necessary to practice today.

Motivating Weight Loss Milestones
Once you determine your healthy body weight, you can mark that on one end of the chart as your goal.

Set Goals
First of all you need to set goals. Clear and measurable goal pave the way toward greater fitness results.

Daily Goals
In the morning, write down one thing that you want to accomplish that day. People who long term goals tend to give up because their goal is not being accomplished in one day.
Work Out with a Friend ...

Set Fixed number of repetitions. For example, 10 repetitions may comprise one set.

small goals
Unrealistic goals can be daunting and could you up for failure. 'One important piece of advice I always give my clients is to not feel overwhelmed when they're starting a training plan,' says Finney.

Set a new goal!
Working out to stay in shape is fine, but setting a goal -- such as finishing a 10k race or completing a rough water swim -- will give your daily workouts more meaning.
Treat yourself to a workout gadget or accessory! ...

2: Swim 8 x 25 with a focus on a longer body line. Then swim 100, 75, 50, and 25 yards. (Take the same rests as above.) Swim the 100 very easily. Count your strokes and divide by 4. That number serves as your benchmark for the rest of the .

Set a Goal
Before you can figure out how you'll get fit, you have to think about what fitness means to you. What exactly are you working toward? Maybe you want to complete a marathon, triathlon or an obstacle course race.

A is a certain number of repetitions performed consecutively without rest. For example, while doing push-ups you might wish to perform one of twenty repetitions.

Set some ground rules. Avoid difficulties or hurt feelings by outlining some rules of play. Agree on workout times/dates and establish the protocol if one of you needs to cancel.

Obtainable Goals
Write down 5 short term goals in the present tense. Write goals that you know you can achieve within a week or a month time period. Create a detailed plan for success.

Set - A number of repetitions of a movement, such as an arm curl or a squat. A set may have 8 reps, for example.

aside time for exercising: Just like you make time to cook or attend a PTA meeting, budget time for your workout. Dedicate at least 45 minutes.

Set Concealer with Powder for Lasting Coverage
When you have the look you desire, simply dust a fine loose powder over your face to set the makeup. Use a round fluffy brush to apply the loose powder, for best results.

- A collection of reps for an exercise or movement.
S/B/D or SBD - Short hand for Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift.
SL - StrongLifts 55, a beginner level strength training program.

Set - Group of reps (lifting and lowering a weight) of an exercise after which you take a brief rest period.

A is a number of repetitions (or reps) of an exercise performed in a row.
Sprawling ...

Set- A basic unit of a workout containing the number of times (repetitions) a specific exercise is done (e.g. do 3 sets of 5 repetitions with 100 pounds).

: A fixed number of repetitions.
Shin splints: A pain in front and inside of the leg between the ankle and knee due to inflamed muscles.
Simple carbohydrates: Sugars composed of a single sugar molecule or two joined molecules.

Set Goals
Setting goals for staying physically fit is important. These goals can be as small as making sure to do some kind of activity three times a week and as large as wanting to join the ski team.

A series of consecutive repetitions, of a given exercise, performed as a group.
Soft Tissue Usually referring to myofascial tissues, or any tissues that do not contain minerals (such as bone).

See also: See also: Exercise, Fitness, Health, Workout, Muscle

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