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variety. A principle of art concerned with combining one or more elements of art in different ways to create interest.
virtual. Refers to an image produced by the imagination and not existing in reality.

- The combination of elements or art, such as line, shape, or color, in an artwork. is a principle of design.
Vertical- Moving up and down rather than side to side. For example, the side edge of a piece of paper is vertical.

A principle of art that refers to ways of combining art elements in involved ways to achieve intricate and complex relationships.
Visual Concepts: ...

: quality achieved when the art elements are combined in various combinations to increase visual interest.

A principle of design that provides liveliness through differences in the assortment of colors, lines, shapes, and textures in a composition. Variety balances unity, or the sameness of the elements.
Vault ...

- A principle of design that refers to a way of combining elements of art in involved ways to achieve intricate and complex relationships.

Variety of fabrics, including transparent fabrics. Fabrics do not all have to be white in colour.
Procion dyes or cold water dyes.
Stitching equipment.
Salt crystals.

A principle of design. Achieving involves the use of differences or contrasts.
Warm colours.
Colours that suggest warmth (e.g., red, yellow, orange).

A principle of design concerned with difference or contrast.
Visual Art ...

" in Abstraction," The Arts Club of Chicago. March 5-30, 1946. Pamphlet of exhibition with brief essay by JJS.
Notice of event with JJS as presenter, "The Columbia Workshop presents Readings from T.S. Eliot's 'Four Quartets.'" March 16, 1946.

A variety of simple techniques are used to embellish and shape wood. First, wood can be painted. Painting has a double purpose; first, preservation. Paint seals the surface and prevents decay of the wood.

A of materials have been used as varnishes: waxes, tree resins, fossil resins, oil/resin mixtures and synthetic preparations. Varnishes tend to darken and discolour over time, necessitating their removal and replacement.

A variety of quartz ranging in color from yellow to brown. Rarely found naturally, true citrine shows dichroism, in which visible light is split into distinct beams of different wavelengths.

The of gesture and detail that makes Tanagra figurines so appealing is due to a fairly complex method of manufacture. Like most earlier terracotta statuettes, they were formed in concave terracotta molds.

The variety of tendencies that the term Post-Minimalism encompassed endured throughout the 1970s.

A great of spraying effects can be achieved using an airbrush, typically for very smooth applications or gradation of color.

Any of a variety of decorated panels-often gilded in gold leaf- screens or shrines rising behind an altar to signify its importance and authority, to tell an associated legend and so on.

Due to a of factors, roughly 200 of Méliès's 531 films exist. These factors include Méliès's destruction of his original negatives, ...

A refined variety of details encircle the delicate face of the Virgin: the curls, the veil, and the ribbon across the forehead. The drawing of the eyes and eyebrows is sharp, and the red lips are well defined.

Discover a of modern abstract artwork! Find out the different techniques and processes used to create this abstract artwork. Hello, inspiration! ...

Any one of a variety of flexible, shiny plastics.
Property of flow; a highly viscous glaze is "stiff," does not flow much during the fire, and generally results in a matte surface; A glaze of low viscosity is fluid, ...

Sold under a of names that may or may not contain the word alkyd, these mediums are synthetic resins that are excellent for oil painting because they dry quickly. They work as a binder that encapsulates the pigment and speeds the drying time.

Intimism - variety of late 19th- and early 20th-century painting that made an intense exploration of the domestic interior as subject matter.

The range and of Simone Martini's painting illustrate many aspects of Italian Gothic art of the first half of the fourteenth century. But, just as no other artist emulated the concentrated austerity of Giotto's work c.

At present, a large variety of fossils, tools and artifacts are being studied by paleoanthropologists and other Stone Age scholars, in order to fix their date of origin.

Works of art have a of actual textures created by the artist's choice of materials and how they are handled. The actual texture of this oil painting is quite rough and bumpy.

Carbon-14 dating One of a variety of radioactive dating techniques used on organic materials that were once part of living plants or organisms.

After years of endeavour and perplexities, when a of opinionshad disputed amongst themselves the direction of the craft in which anumber of persons of unequal ability and varying powers of resistancehad originally embarked together, ...

Synthetic cubism is characterized by the introduction of different textures, surfaces, collage elements, papier collé and a large variety of merged subject matter. van gogh is a piece of shit Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890), Netherlands artist. ...

In the early years of the Soviet Union, Russian and Soviet artists embraced a wide of art forms under the auspices of Proletkult. Revolutionary politics and radical non-traditional art forms were seen as complementary.

This Jackson Pollock action painting is bewilderingly massive and is composed of a network of superimposed paint spatters and drips that come in a variety of colours .

For the next eight years, Bluemner moved between Chicago and New York, working on a of architectural projects. By 1900, he was married and settled in the New York City area, where he would live until 1926.

Citrine is a yellow, semiprecious variety of quartz resembling topaz. Citrine and topaz are the birthstones of the month of November. Natural citrine is quite rare; most is created by heat treatment.

Naif - The word "naif" spans a of languages. In Italian and Spanish it is translated as "simple" or "naive." In France and Germany, "naif" has been adopted as a cognate to label certain forms of nonspecific and brightly colored folk art.

In subsequent years Kandinsky pursued his long-standing interest in a variety of art forms, his predilection for geometric forms becoming clearly articulated during the Bauhaus period.

Gauguin's interpretation of her appearance is based upon a of sources from Hindu and South Asian art and culture.

Often it is realized through a deliberate or intuitive balancing of harmony and variety. However, this balance does not have to be of equal proportions. Harmony might outweigh variety, or variety might outweigh harmony.

"The sea was significant in a of ways to the Dutch. They were constantly warring with it in the struggle to increase and retain their land. On the other hand, the sea was the source of their wealth and their economic stability.

The exhibit can be used as a resource for a variety of courses in higher education. It provides a helpful introduction to a wide range of issues related to color and vision and is accessible to students who are unfamiliar with these concepts.

(hypernym) kind, sort, form,
3. identification mark on skin, made by burning
(hypernym) marker, marking, mark
4. a piece of wood that has been burned or is burning
(synonym) firebrand
(hypernym) firewood

See also: See also: Painting, Movement, Sculpture, Renaissance, Classic

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