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HumanitiesWeb.org - Glossary definition: Three-Dimensional Three-Dimensional
Having, or appearing to have, height, width, and depth.

Having three dimensions height, width and depth.
Throwing ...

Three-dimensional: occupying or giving the illusion of three dimensions (height, width, depth).
Three-dimensional space: a sensation of space which seems to have thickness or depth as well as height and width.

. Having height, width, and depth. Also referred to as 3-D.
tint. Color lightened with white added to it.
tone. Color shaded or darkened with gray (black plus white).

Three-dimensional- Having height, width, and thickness. Forms are three-dimensional.
Tint- A color such as pink that is created by mixing a hue with white. Also, a light value of a color.

Having height, width, and depth.
throwing The process of forming clay objects on a potter's wheel.
tint A hue with white added.

Something that is three-dimensional (3-D) sticks out into space, like a box, and has height, width, and depth.

form, often implying bulk, density and weight. Also, the illusion of such a form on a two-dimensional surface.
Master Mold
The plaster shape from which repeated copies of a mold can be made.

three-dimensional - Having, or appearing to have, height, width, and depth. Also see chiaroscuro, compass rose, direction, form, illusion, mass, perspective, sculpture, shadow box, space, statue, two-dimensional, and wireframe.

Objects which have height, width, and depth.
Thumbnail sketches
Small drawings used to develop an idea or composition.

A three-dimensional work of art. Such works may be carved, modeled, cast or otherwise constructed or assembled using a variety of materials.
serigraph ...

A work of art, or the art of making it. Such works may be carved, modeled, constructed, or cast. Sculptures can also be described as assemblage, in the round, and relief, and made in a huge variety of media.
Secondary colors ...

A three-dimensional composition made from a variety of traditionally non-artistic materials and objects.
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A example of Art Deco is found in the glass creations of the Frenchman, Rene Lalique.

A three-dimensional work of art which may be carved, modeled, constructed, or cast.
The element of art that has two dimensions: length and width.

In this sculpture, the movement is implied. Shiva is shown in the dance of destruction and recreation of the universe.

Creating three-dimensional forms on a two dimensional surface.
Learn to draw in three dimensions
Basic Lessons in Perspective - Learn to Draw Online ...

Working in , mixed media assemblage, I am conceptually concerned with the interplay between heart/mind experience and contemporary, cultural power structures typified in themes of power and powerlessness, oppression and resistance, ...

FORM a three-dimensional shape, such as the human form or an abstract form.

mobile...A moving sculpture.
modern art...The term modern art is applied to almost all progressive or avant-garde phases of art from the time of the Impressionists in the late 1880's to the growth of Postmodernism in the 1960's.

Traditional three-dimensional art of the indigenous people of the Northwest Coast can be characterized as highly sculptural, including relief and sculpture in the round, ...

The mass of shapes in space.
visual economy
As used in art, a paring down to the essential elements required to achieve a desired effect.

helix - A three-dimensional spiral; a curve that lies on a cylinder or cone. Spirals — helixes and volutes — are among the ten classes of patterns. The chirality of a helix is the direction of its turning, or handedness.

Sculpture: Any form created as an artistic expression. Sculpture is primarily concerned with space: occupying it, relating to it, and influencing the perception of it.

modeling - Three-dimensional effect created by the use of changes in color, the use of lights and darks, cross-hatching, etc.

Description of work that is the counterpart of collage, which is two-dimensional. Assemblage is composed of non-art materials, often found objects, that are seemingly unrelated but create a unity.

From rabbinical literature dealing with the issue, it appears that the main aversion has always been against three-dimensional art, which might simulate the implements of the Temple.

- refers to something having depth, or composed of elements arrange at various distances from the spectator ...more info ...

The important thing to know about assemblage is that it is "supposed" to be three-dimensional and different from collage, which is "supposed" to be two-dimensional (though both are similarly eclectic in nature and composition). But! ...

While portal guardians are at the front, their sides are only carved in relief.4 They take the form of animals (real or imaginary) or animals with human heads.

A sculpture is a three-dimensional object, which for the purposes of this article is man-made and selected for special recognition as art. A person who creates sculpture is called a sculptor.
Silhouette ...

assemblage: a art object made up of found materials or objects.
bas-relief: a composition in shallow relief on a flat or curved surface (for example, on a coin).

Sculpture - A three-dimensional form modeled, carved, or assembled.
Secondary Colors - A hue created by combining two primary colors, as yellow and blue mixed together yield green. In pigment the secondary colors are orange, green, and violet.

Sculpture - A work of art that is modeled, carved or assembled from a variety of materials (such as stone, metal, glass or arbitrary materials).

In fact, this type of courtly art complemented the Tuscan artists' work in defining the rules of three-dimensional vision, which could sometimes become almost too cerebral.

During the mid-sixties American painting was declared dead by various critics including Minimalist sculptor/critic Donald Judd citing , volumetric objects as the embodiment of visual truth.

bozzetto Strictly speaking, a small three-dimensional sketch in wax or clay made by a sculptor in preparation for a larger and more finished work. By extension, a rapid sketch in oil, made as a study for a larger picture.

Because a painted image is physically two-dimensional, a painter must have some tool to create a false, but convincing illusion of ity. Value is that tool. The effects of value are most easily seen in a black and white drawing.

After 1908, Picasso joined with Braque and other like-minded artists to explore the representation of three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface by means of overlapping planes.

It will appear to move correctly or appear stable and appropriately . But if the two subdivisions are not balanced in their response to an object, it may look peculiar.

See also: See also: Painting, Movement, Sculpture, Composition, Expression

Fine arts  The ten  Three-dimensional space

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