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Photochemical smog consists of oxidants caused by the reaction of sunlight on hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides from vehicle and industrial emissions. The photochemical smog causes cause eye irritation, headaches, coughs and damage lung tissues.

The report also reveals that state environmental agencies in the 10 profiled states lack a sufficient number of inspectors to monitor and enforce the law"in large part due to declining federal grants to state and local air ...

A cloth device that catches dust particles from industrial emissions.
Facilities Plans ...

Fabric Filter: A cloth device that catches dust particles from .

Smog. Hazy, polluted air caused by the combination of ultraviolet rays from the sun and automobile and industrial emissions in the atmosphere ...

Heavy motor-vehicle traffic, , and the use of chemical solvents release the offending substances into the air; hot, sunny weather facilitates the chemical reaction that creates ozone.

fabric filter A cloth device with such limited porosity that suspended particulates are removed from fluids passing through it, such as the separation of dust particles from industrial emissions.

One international approach available to these countries has been tested for several years: to offset their , ...

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Environment  Indoor climate  Industrial process waste

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