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Seeing yourself in your dream, is a reflection of how you act and behave in your waking life.
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A fresh start or a new beginning, or feeling the need for one
"Washing away" something unwanted, such as old or unwanted thoughts, feelings, or other aspects of your life ...

Judging or punishing yourself
Being overly strict or harsh with yourself
A sign that you may be holding yourself to unhealthy and unrealistic rules or beliefs
see also: skin suicide
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To see in your dream represents awareness of your own actions or behaviors. Consider what you are doing, how you look, or how old you are for additional significance.

1. What is being expressed in the death dream? Perhaps you fear dying and the dream is reminding you of your own mortality?

Dream dictionary definition for washing Dreaming of washing indicates a desire to wash away that which is no longer serving you.

Friends if see (yourself) buy or eat - In the dream you are buying or eating bread, means that the life brings true friends; ...

To see in your dream, is a reflection of how you act and behave in your waking life.
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yourself or your partner or colleagues.
orphan: Isolation and loss of protection or connection with
your origins. There are also aspects of abandonment and being ...

Ask why you are bothered by these primitive feeling. Do they make you feel guilty? You may need to learn to accept these aspects of in order to become a healthier, more well rounded person.

Ask yourself if the arrangement was to your liking or not.
If not to your liking ask yourself why not.
Use Carry the Dream Forward to find satisfaction.

Make comfortable in bed and give the instruction that tonight you will have a lucid dream. You can do this by creating a simple affirmation, such as: 'Tonight my dream will be lucid.

Tell yourself at this time to remember your dreams. Often the mere suggestion is enough to do the trick. Sometimes though it doesn't work immediately and you have to keep making the suggestion to yourself night after night before it finally works.

Fill with the fragrance in the air of your happy place. Absorb in the creation of your imagination and become one with it.

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To see paying your taxes in a dream is an indication that you will soon see great success over those who have sought to harm you or your reputation.

To see yourself handsome-looking in your dreams, you will prove yourself an ingenious flatterer. To see others appearing handsome, denotes that you... Continue dream interpretation - Handsome"continue dream interpretation ...

To see as being a vagrant means you will suffer poverty and much misery in your future. To give to a vagrant means you are a generous person who has pity for the poor.

To cut yourself with one, denotes that you will be unlucky in some deal which you are about to make.
Fighting with a razor, foretells disappointing business, and that some one will keep you harassed almost beyond endurance.

To see riding a fine bay horse, interpret a rise in fortune and gratification of passion. For a woman, it foretells a yielding to importunate advances. She will enjoy material things.
To ride or see passing horses, interpret ease and comfort.

To see yourself in October means you are enjoying the fruits of hard work and will make lasting friendships.
To dream of November ,augurs a time of happiness and success in all affairs.

To see covered with hair, omens indulgence in vices to such
an extent as will debar you from the society of refined people.
If a woman, she will resolve herself into a world of her own, ...

To see yourself or friend abandon a ship, suggests your possible entanglement in some business failure, but if you escape to shore your interests will remain secure.
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To see (or anyone else) with the head of an animal is a warning not to indulge too much in material or sensual pleasures. Be more modest, and remember that an ounce of restraint can frequently prevent a pound of regret! ...

To see yourself bogged down in a quagmire, signifies your inability to meet obligations and that you are stuck in a daily non-exciting routine.
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Seeing riding a Horse in your dreams may indicate you will see a project or event to successful conclusion. Falling off a Horse in your dreams indicates you're nervous about a project or event you have scheduled.

To die yourself is very troubling. Most people have not invested much emotional energy in preparation for death and feel that death is a strong enemy to be avoided. Being confronted with death is a place that is uncomfortable.

To see reflected in a clear lake, denotes coming joys and many ardent friends.
To see foliaged trees reflected in the lake, you will enjoy to a satiety Love's draught of passion and happiness.

To see yourself with two or more heads, foretells that you will have a sudden rise in social status.
To see a child's head, foretells of much pleasure and financial success.

To find bewildered by some mysterious event, denotes that strangers will harass you with their troubles and claim your aid. It warns you also of neglected duties, for which you feel much aversion.

To find yourself handcuffed, you might be annoyed and vexed by enemies. To see others therefore, you will subdue those oppressing you and rise above your associates.
To see handcuffs, you might be threatened with sickness and danger.

To find on a roof in a dream denotes unbounded success. To become frightened and think you are falling, signifies that, while you may advance, you will have no firm hold on your position.

To do it yourself is a forecast of personal happiness and contentment, but to observe it being worked by others or on garments, household items or cloth is a warning that there could be hidden opposition and deceit in your close circle.
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By : Signal to think positive, all things are possible.
Confused or lost: Difficulty in finding a solution or thinking out a situation. Peaceful: Removal from problems, instills sense of security needed.

If you hit yourself with a hammer might someone let you down. If you use it for carpentering you will get success or find a solution.
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Death of
As we grow older, most people think more about death. After all, at some point, we will all eventually die. If you have avoided death before a certain age - say 60 - you may start to seriously think about it.

Do you see yourself as persuasive in waking life, or do you need to develop those skills more fully? If you are having a yard sale in your dream, you may be trying to creatively solve a financial problem or be feeling burdened by your possessions.

flour buy some flowers; baking up some new ideas. (See flower) What's rising to the surface?

Protecting yourself in a dream is pointing out that the effect of some negative situation is causing you to protect yourself. This protection comes at a price, and the dream is asking you to deal with whatever caused you to be this way.

Questions to ask : Who was the mother in your dream? Was she sheltering, nurturing, smothering, or abusive? If you were the mother in your dream, how did you feel? Is there something new in your life that you are giving life to?

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Dreams  Young  Youth

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