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A feeling of observing rather than participating
An objective or neutral observer's perspective
Curiosity or a desire to understand whatever is represented by the object being watched in the dream ...

ing others eat may reflect a deficit concerning your own material or emotional needs. This may be from a pity-party perspective or from the view that others are gluttonous.

Dreaming that you are watching something, represents you lack of initiative to take any action. It may also symbolize your neutrality in some situation.
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ed / ing
To dream that you are being ed by others may reflect your need to be the center of attention.

Mind Watching and Dreams
Because of the many nature films shown on television we are used to the idea of mature and intelligent adults spending days or years watching the behaviour of animals such as hyenas or chimpanzees.

being ed dream symbol
being ed
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last nite i saw, that i have gone to the beach wid my family, n we r sitting on a huge rock on the beach far behind the shore, n we r watching the sea frm there. some of my brothers or cousins are on the beach n we r watching them too.

A wristwatch featured in your dream is a sign of advancement through the help of influential friends; ...

Wearing a fine watch in your dream is a sign that some influential person is keeping his eye on you. An old-fashioned watch foretells that you will be made the guardian of a young person.

Association: Restriction; division. Question: What things I would like to make easier for me in my life?

To see a watch in your dream, signifies prosperity. To dream that you lose a watch, signifies domestic disturbances and unhappiness. To dream that you steal one, foretells that a vicious rival will attack your reputation.

Dream dictionary definition for :  Dreaming of a could indicate that you are pressed for time or are feeling rushed.

To dream of a watch, denotes you will be prosperous in well-directed speculations. To look at the time of one, your efforts will be defeated by rivalry. To break one, there will be distress and loss menacing you.

To dream of a wrist represents your awareness of a required course of action. Answers or action that you know needs to be taken. Knowing or realizing what you need to do.

A watch is a symbol of your heart and circulatory system. You are literally being asked to watch yourself. If the watch is worn in an unusual place, such as your leg, it indicates that you have the potential to develop a circulatory problem there.

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Watching someone file something down in a dream can mean that a situation in real life is wearing you down.
If someone hands you a file in a dream, it can mean that you need to simplify your life and avoid wasteful, unproductive activities.

To see or wear a in your dream, suggests that you need to be more carefree and spontaneous. You are feeling limited and constrained.

Time. Limitation. Ready to discover what emotional field surrounds you.
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ing traffic in a dream suggests that you are trying to solve a problem alone for which you should request help... Continue dream interpretation - Traffic"continue dream interpretation
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"Watching over you perhaps?"
"Yeah, she always does. It pisses me off but at the same time I like it."
"Why's that?" ...

To an opera in your dream, suggests that you are acting overly dramatic in some situations. It also signifies that your affairs will turn out favorable.

Watching fireworks burst into a rain of light in the sky is an omen of great good fortune ahead, particularly in romance.
2. If someone throws a firecracker at you, this is a sign of trouble, probably because of someone else.

I am ing a woman who is a neighbour and I think she is a cook. She is going through the practice motions of mixing something. She puts her finger in the bowl and licks it.

If you watch hail-stones fall through sunshine and rain, you will be harassed by cares for a time, but fortune will soon smile upon you. For a young woman, this dream indicates love after many slights.

If you ed ballet you must be more conscious of your own health.
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Who is watching you juggle, and what is your relationship with them in waking life? How well are you juggling, and how does the audience react?

These creatures represent fulness, courage, virility, fighting spirit, reliability. The Cock is also linked with solar energy - a symbol of dawn, illumination and the sun in Celtic and Nordic myth.

To watch the day break in a dream, omens successful undertakings, unless the scene is indistinct and weird; then it may imply disappointment when success in business or love seems assured.

To dream that you domestic animals laboring under heavy burdens, denotes that you will be prosperous, but unjust to your servants, or those employed by you. To see men toiling, signifies profitable work, and robust health.

THE DREAM - I was watching a girl get raped and the guy that was raping her just kept kicking and hurting her. He had raped her so bad and beat her so much that you really couldn?t even see her face and her body was all covered in marks and bruises.

Being under observation or ed.
aura - Around a person or angelic being: Gives divine meaning to what they represent. Special symbol to get your attention.
avalanche - Unable to flee: Stress in life situation is controlling your life.

Television To dream that you are watching television suggests that you are watching life pass you by. Perhaps you are living vicariously through the actions of others.

To fly over muddy water, warns you to keep close with your private affairs,as enemies are ing to enthrall you.
To fly over broken places, signifies ill luck and gloomy surroundings.

William Dumhoff reveals some interesting data about the manifestation of sex in dreams: Men - Participating 93%, Watching 7%, Women - Participating 68%, Watching 32%.

As it is far easier for us to accept and an animal doing something negative then to take the credit for it ourselves.
Here is a good example: A woman on a diet and really wants to loose weight but is prone to binge eating.

Watch for any large potholes or the like when driving (or walking). Are you involved in a non-ending situation, relationship, etc.(or about to become involved in one)?

I was sitting on a couch I think I may have been knitting or ing TV and an earthy green snake with a brown head slithered over the arm rest of the couch. It was a baby snake and small.

The dreams are never the same, but I am always a witness standing on ground watching them come down. Sometimes they're in the distance. Sometimes they crash nearby.

To dream of catching frogs, could denote carelessness in ing after your health, which may cause no little distress among those of your family.

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