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Garden indicate your reproductive system - family tree.
Garden gnomes due to their shape indicate your kidneys.
Garden path ...

Dream Interpretation/Dream about two falling trees
I was wondering if you could give me your perspective on a dream I had a few nights ago. If you don't have any insights then I understand.

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As with a lovely garden, beautiful trees are a favorable omen in a dream, and planting trees is especially auspicious for love affairs and/or matters of friendship.

Lush green in your dreams symbolize new hopes, growth and desires. For more dream meanings about , continue reading below.

To see lush green trees in your dream, symbolize hopes, growth, desires, knowledge, protection and stability.
To see dead trees in your dream, represents loss and sorrow.

To dream of in new foliage, foretells a happy consummation of hopes and desires. Dead signal sorrow and loss.
To climb a tree is a sign of swift elevation and preferment.

To see lush green trees in your dream, symbolizes new hopes, growth and desires. It also implies strength and stability. You are concentrating on your own self-development and individuation.

have always been blessed with talismanic qualities. To dream of a tree is generally a happy omen that points to the fulfillment of one's hopes and aspirations.

trees- The structure of your inner being your self-portrait, how you see yourself psychologically e.g. your connection with the family and your past as in your roots. Dead roots could mean a disconnect or unresolved issue with an childhood experience.

Palm trees seen in your dreams, are messages of hopeful situations and happiness of a high order.

If you see trees sway in a breeze in your dream, your dreaming mind is reminding you that you need to be flexible.

To see palm trees in your dream, denotes tranquility, high aspirations, victory, and hopes.
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Evergreen Trees
To dream of an evergreen tree represents an area of your life that never fails ever. Positively, it reflects relationships or situations that can always be relied on no matter what. An inability to lose.

Seeing orange in your dream means health and prosperity. Dreaming that you are Seeing or eating oranges indicates negative vibes, dissatisfaction in your business circles, illness in the family, or separation/loss of a lover.

To see them on trees, despondent hopes will grow gloomier.
To see them on evergreens, a bright future will be overcast with the shadow of doubtful honors.

To see foliaged reflected in the lake, you will enjoy to a satiety
Love's draught of passion and happiness.

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To dream of seeing and shrubs in blossom, could denote a time of pleasing prosperity is nearing you.
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To dream of seeing trees and shrubs in blossom, denotes a time of pleasing prosperity is nearing you.... Continue dream interpretation - Blossoms"continue dream interpretation
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Palm Tree: Palm trees seen in your dreams, are messages of hopeful situationsand happiness of a high order.
For a young woman to pass down an avenue of palms, omens acheerful home and a faithful husband.

If you notice green trees and vegetation below you in flying, you will suffer temporary embarrassment, but will have a flood of prosperity upon you.

A sunny day, on a crossroad a mini market with flowers and and some kids playing around. I was passing trough the shop and I notice a green dark small snake between the flowers.

A muddy lake, surrounded with bleak rocks and bare trees, denotes unhappy terminations to business and affection.

There are , plants and animals in brilliant colour. I wonder what this means, and the landscape begins to spin until the colours blend and shimmer.

I can see immediately that the high trees represent high ideals or goals. The girl in me has no fear and climbs up high and plays up there without worrying about a thing. Because of this, she is youthful, healthy and happy.

To see red apples on with green foliage is exceedingly propitious to the dreamer. To eat them is not as good, unless they be faultless.

A forest or woods in a dream is a location where it is easy to get lost or it's hard to find your way ('can't see the forest for the trees.') It reflects concerns of being 'in the wilderness, ...

Generally, a Dream of palm trees heralds hope and peace but if the tress are withered or in some manner blighted then will your peace be removed from you for a while and you may hear of some event that saddens you.

As with all dreams of Earth's bounty, a forest basically is a happy omen if the dream shows the sun shining through the trees and a clear path ahead. Even a forest fire indicates positive progress.

Some people dream of flying, but they have difficulties staying in flight due to things such as or mountains in their way. As you might expect, this means there are barriers in your waking life that are in the way of achieving what you want.

To admire the golden fruit upon graceful trees, denotes that fortune will wear a more promising aspect than formerly.
To dream of gathering them, denotes pleasant surprises will follow quickly upon disappointment.

tree symbol of history, life and fertility; protection from a harsh environment; taking a firm stand; dependable; being sure and solid about where and who you are; as plentiful as growing on ; Tree of Knowledge; Tree of Good and Evil; ...

I was in a strange forest of what appeared to be cocoanut trees, with red and yellow berries growing on them. The ground was covered with blasted leaves, and I could hear them crackle under my feet as I wandered about lost.

Losing perspective, as in "can't see the forest for the "
The idea of infinity, wilderness, or the great "out there"
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To dream of roots of plants or trees denotes misfortune. Health and business shall suffer.
This signifies perplexities and complications in love affairs.

If one dreams of obstacles in one's path - and power lines are common-these may reflect real life obstacles to personal empowerment and control in one's life.

Locations or cultures where koalas live
Living "above" others, perhaps with a greater perspective (since koalas live in trees)
Isolation from others
Cute, infant-like, or toy-like
Dreaming of this animal can represent: ...

Do you feel life pressing in on you so densely that you are "unable to see the forest for the ?"
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