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Swimming pool
Dream Symbols
Spirituality is restricted (more) ; Diving into: get into life; ...

can represent moving forward in your life or trying to achieve a goal (get somewhere in your life), or freedom from your usual limitations.
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Swimming indicates getting in touch with your spiritual nature. Other symbols in the dream will indicate exactly what your spiritual abilities are.
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Swimming in a dream is a metaphor for maneuvering through emotional waking life issues. Is it easy or difficult? How is the water? Warm? Cold? Dirty? Water is a consistent metaphor for emotions in dreams.

The dream of must be interpreted by using all the aspects of your dream to judge the extent of the good or bad signified by .

Dreams about swimming are related to the need to trust your instincts and look to past situations for answers to problems. They can also signify the need for nurturing or mothering in one's life.

- living in the Spirit; moving in the things of the Spirit; operating in the gifts of the Spirit ...

The best of luck in fortune and friends may be expected if you dream of swimming in the nude. If you wear a bathing suit, you will be chastised for failing to recognize someone whom you have recently met.

1. Leisurely , such as at a beach, in a lake, or in a pool, implies good fortune and easy living ahead, unless the weather is bad, in which case danger could result from doing the wrong thing at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Swimming-symbolic of your life. If you are being chased it can symbolize a spiritual enemy in your life. If you are with friends and family enjoying yourself it can symbolize fun and relaxation in life.

success indicated; take the plunge; dream play is good exercise; moving through difficult issues with ease and a clear sense of direction; staying on top; being comfortable while moving through emotional situations.

To dream of swimming, is an augury of success if you find no discomfort in the act. If you feel yourself going down, much dissatisfaction will present itself to you.

Associated with Water, and enjoying yourself in water can portray your easy movement through the changes you are going through.

To dream that you are swimming towards the shoreline, signifies an increase in your financial standing. To dream that you are swimming in a pool, denotes much luck in love.

: Controlled movement through your emotions,
e.g., confidence or lack of same in dealing with your emotional

A dream with a swimming pool can symbolize your relationships with others or the need to acknowledge your feelings or emotions. Perhaps a relationship in your waking life needs more ..Read more →

You or floating in a body of water can represent freedom from your usual limitations or stresses.
A body of water rising over your head, or you being pulled under water, can represent a feeling of overwhelm in real life.

Swim, Swimming
Actions, Feelings, Conditions - Dream Dictionary
Pregnant women in their third trimester often dream of swimming in channels or downhill, while at conception women can dream of fish, or fish swimming up narrow channels.

in or lying beside a pool is the ultimate wish-fulfillment dream for many people. The rest and relaxation of sunning outside is a wonderful invitation. However, depending on who is in the pool, you may be missing out somewhere in waking life.

Movement through water of feelings contained by cultural constructs. You are in an emotional state.
Sword ...

To dream that you are , suggests that you are exploring aspects of your unconscious mind and emotions. The dream may be a sign that you are seeking some sort of emotional support.

Swimming - May symbolize a trustful and receptive attitude towards your unconscious, or your mother, or nature. It may also symbolize staying 'on top' of your emotions. Do you sometimes feel you are swimming in a sea of emotions?

dream interpretation
meaning of dream
If you are in your dream you are most likely through the ocean of your unconscious and through the " sea " of your emotions.

A swimming pool is a symbol of social gaiety, unless it was empty, dirty or in poor condition, in which case it is a warning against gambling or speculation. A garden pool is a happy omen for love affairs.

Fish in an aquarium in a dream can mean that you are controlling the way that you express your emotions
Fish can symbolize creativity.
A dream that you see fish can mean that you are developing your creative side.

I was swimming with a bottle nose dolphin, the tide was coming in. I entered a air tight room under the water to escape the tide. This room had stairs to land.

Seeing fish in your dream means insights from your unconscious mind. Thus to catch a fish, represents insights which have been brought to the surface. The fish is also an ancient symbol of Christianity and Christian beliefs.

To see fish swimming in your dream signifies insights from your unconscious mind. If you are catching a fish, then it represents important insights about yourself and your life which have been brought to the surface.

Sharks have been in my awareness, and I love when this happens because it's a clear sign my energy is primed for focus - it's time to ruminate and write about shark totem symbolism.

To see an infant swimming, portends a fortunate escape from some entanglement.
To dream that you leave an infirmary, interpret your escape from wily enemies who will cause you much worry.

To dream of dogs , indicates for you an easy stretch to happiness and fortune.
To dream that a dog kills a cat in your presence, is significant of profitable dealings and some unexpected pleasure.

Swimming with a dolphin: Spiritual meanings, sense of well being, emotions under control. Uplifting.
flying - By yourself: Signal to think positive, all things are possible.

Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was beautifully was linked to the dreamers decision to seek a divorce.

There was a couple in front of us as well and they were watching their daughter swimming in the water - she was coming towards the shore.

In the dream I was in the ocean in clear, deep, calm water that was close to the shore and I noticed a yellow sea snake straight for me. I wasn't really afraid, but I didn't want it to be near me because I knew they were poisonous.

Last night I dreamed that my husband, my 7 month old daughter, and I were swimming somewhere...idk if it was a pool or lake or something...

If she dreams of in clear water naked, she will enjoy illicit loves, but nature will revenge herself by sickness, or loss of charms. If she sees naked men in clear water, she will have many admirers.

To see them swimming,denotes that your fortune is gradually increasing.
To see them in grassy places, denotes assured success.
If you see them dead, you will suffer loss and displeasure.
For a lover, geese denotes the worthiness of his affianced.

Example: A woman dreamed of catfish towards her. In waking life her old boss was trying to rehire her for a job she was let go from due to fraud inside the company.

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