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To see masons at work while dreaming, foretells disappointment.

Stones or rocks can represent many things, depending on the particular context:
Individual units, such as ideas, thoughts, to-do list items, people, etc.
Stones being thrown at someone could represent criticisms, judgments, or other attacks.

Seeing s in your dream, symbolizes strength, unity, and unyielding beliefs. Consider the common phrase "etched in " which suggest permanence and unchanging attitudes. Some s also carry sacred and magical meanings.

Marble (stone figurines, buildings, hallways)
Marble in architecture is the premiere ostentatious element. Often, marble is reserved for dwellings of authority and power (government, big business, stately mansions, etc.).

To see a mad applied to a wound from the fangs of some mad animal, denotes that you will endeavor, to the limits of your energy, to shield self from the machinations of enemies, which will soon envelop you with the pall of dishonorable defeat.

The dream began and I was running up a winding stone staircase, I'm fairly certain that it was a lighthouse, but it was hard to tell. I remember that the stones the tower was made of were bright white.

To see s in your dreams, foretells many annoyances. Dreaming about small s or pebbles suggests that little worries and vexations will irritate you.

Stone associations for Mercury:
Rocks are holographs. They carry energetic reverberations of a whole and much larger advantage. They are ancient carriers of subtle messages - vessels of a primitive language.

. A building symbolizes stability, whereas a landscape or boulder represents obstacles, adversity, and resistance.
struggle. Inner conflict, need for achievement, barriers to growth.

To see stones in your dreams, foretells numberless perplexities and failures.
To walk among rocks, or stones, omens that an uneven and rough pathway will be yours for at least a while.

To see a mad applied to a wound from the fangs of some mad animal, interpret that you will endeavor, to the limits of your energy, to shield self from the machinations of enemies, ...

Curbstone :
To step on a curbstone symbolize that your friends enjoy your company. If you fell down you might do the opposite of today.
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Dream interpretation - Head
If you could read the epitaph(s), the dream means that you can solve whatever problems are facing you much more easily... Continue dream interpretation - Head"continue dream interpretation ...

If someone hands you a moonstone in a dream, either in a setting or not, you will be mystified by the behavior of one of your friends.

To dream of a head represents a forgotten or buried aspect of yourself. Personality traits or life situations that aren't as relevant or powerful as they used to be. You are noticing that something is gone for good.

Whetstone: To dream of a whetstone, is significant of sharp worries and close attentionis needed in your own affairs, if you avoid difficulties.
You are likely to be forced into an uncomfortable journey.

Brim To dream of brim, foretells that discreditable dealings will lose you many friends. if you fail to rectify the mistakes you are making.

gravestone marking a serious item; remembering someone who has died; something written that cannot be changed. What would you like your epitaph to be?

To dream that you are turning a grind, symbolizes vitality and well-directed energy which will lead to prosperity.

To dream of a loadstone, denotes you will make favorable
opportunities for your own advancement in a material way.
For a young woman to think a loadstone is attracting her,
is an omen of happy changes in her family.

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Sabotage - Self destructive tendencies.

Stone (s): A dream of throwing stones is a sign of regret over a missed opportunity; let it be a lesson to you but don't waste energy in vain postmortems.

: Representing rigidity, emotional coldness; essence;
death, as in a head. It can also mean stability, as in "he is
a rock." ...

Legacy. Monument. Looking for recognition and ways to be remembered.
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Lode - integrity, honesty
Moon/Selenite - the Moon, tenderness, romance
Olivine - simplicity, modesty ...

To see a headstone in your dream, represents a forgotten or buried aspect of yourself which you need to acknowledge. Consider also the message on the headstone. It may indicate a statement about your life and its condition.
Healing ...

See s.
To see or think yourself a rogue foretells you are about to commit some indiscretion which will give your friends uneasiness of mind. You are likely to suffer from a passing malady.

This stone in your dream suggests that you have misplaced your confidence and/or affections. Reexamine your close relationships and keep your private affairs to yourself for the time being.
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A mile along a certain process in your life or along your life path
Any public place in real life where people gather to wait for something
For more clues, pay attention to the events that happen at the bus stop, and how you feel about them.

A courtyard indicates you are judgmental. A cobbled stone courtyard indicates your judgmental nature comes from past life influences.
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Dreams of a quartz may reflect a desire for or acquisition of harmony with the world.
Quitting ...

To see a citrine gemstone in your dream symbolizes a strong will, determination, and persistence. You should adapt these traits in order to be successful at achieving your objectives.
For more refined analysis of this dream, Try Web 2.0 search.

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In African folklore, the King is said to be "the one who holds all life, human and cosmic, in his hands; the keystone of society and the universe." In the modern world, we may not associate the King with ultimate power, knowledge or wisdom.

The building, recently ruined by some disaster such as an earthquake, or perhaps internal weakness, was now no more than a heap of s. I and others searched amongst the rubble for anything that might be salvaged.

The fact that some graves had stones and others had markers might show that the ones with gravestones were fully acknowledged and remembered but the others weren't. The image of your ex is likely just the image that brings out these memories in you.

Aquamarine - Mineral and precious s have historic meanings based on their color, value, and rarity. Geology and various crystal structures have significance in the New Age movement, which has renewed interest in these materials.

In the same way for dreamers, having your teeth fall out often indicates that the dreamer is facing a milestone, a point at which he or she will no longer be what came before. It might be that the dream is saying "Pay attention! ...

To crawl over rough places and s, indicates that you have not taken proper advantage of your opportunities. A young woman, after dreaming of crawling, if not very careful of her conduct, will lose the respect of her lover.

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Dreams  Stomach  Stone mason

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