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Dreams of statues are fascinating. Whether you stumble across the statues, create them, or become one yourself, dreams of statuary can be challenging to interpret, but offer great insight in return for the effort.

A particular person or a public figure
A woman or man in general
Femininity or masculinity
The inability to respond or move ...

Seeing the Statue of Liberty in your dream means personal and/or cultural freedom. You have found your own independence and are learning to stand on your own. It is also a symbol of free enterprise and patriotism.
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A is a work of art and as such symbolizes ideals in a dream.
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Statue of Liberty
To see the Statue of Liberty in your dream represents personal freedom. You have found your independence and are learning to stand on your own. If you are American, this dream is also a symbol of patriotism.
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To see s in dreams, signifies estrangement from a loved one. Lack of energy will cause you disappointment in realizing wishes.
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Statue-an idol, something you worship, Deut. 27:15
Statue of Liberty-symbolic of the United States. Also symbolic of the freedom we have in Christ to live under the law of lib­erty, James 1:25 ...

immobility; inability to move forward; frozen and locked in; stillness. Who is treating you as an ornament?

Observing a statue captures the objective exploration of those things that are unchanging about you.

To see people you know as s in your dream, symbolizes a lack of communication with that person and that the relationship is inflexible. On a more positive note, it may represent someone you idealize and admire.

Statues. If you dreamed of seeing one coming to life, it indicates the reforging of a broken friendship and/or the sudden realization of an abandoned hope.

Image. Recognition. Representation. Need to express yourself.
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Statue - This may represent a part of yourself that is inactive, but may come to life. It could be representative of a certain thought or ideal, as the Statue of Liberty seems to represent the spirit of a nation.

: A rigid representation of something, yourself,
stealing: Taking something under false pretenses. Cheating ...

If the statue simulates life, or moves, she will be involved in a love affair, but no marriage will occur. Disappointment to some person may follow the dream.

To see s in dreams, signifies estrangement from a loved one. Lack of energy will cause you disappointment in realizing wishes.... Continue dream interpretation - s"continue dream interpretation
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A bronze statue symbolize disappointment, otherwise will bronze symbolize insecurity.
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To dream of a of the Virgin Mary may represent perfect behavior that is being admired. Remembering something you or someone else did that was perfect. Admiring superior morality or compassion. TOP
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Statue 1. a part of self that is lifeless but which may awaken and come to life Cayce (262-8). 2. the physical product of that which is created first as a mental image Cayce (900-294). 3.

For a woman to dream of a bronze , signifies that she will fail in her efforts to win the person she has determined on for a husband.
If the simulates life, or moves, she will be involved in a love affair, but no marriage will occur.

To dream you see a friend standing like a statue on a hill, denotes you will advance beyond present pursuits, but will retain former impressions of justice and knowledge, seeking these through every change.

Then, I approached a of President Lincoln sitting in a rocking chair. I was approaching it from the back and was trying to read the rest of the story off of his back.

I saw it was coming from a statue beside me. The statue of a saint in white dress. It said again "Peace! Peace! Peace!" . Then a young man in red T-shirt came and said "the library is closed now as you can see, please come back in the morning".

Examples of this knowledge are found in Celtic s and art in the form of three flames or rays found upon the faces of deities or Celtic clansmen and women.

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To see a statue or other article fashioned
from alabaster, or to compare with alabaster anything
seen in a dream, is to look forward to ill health or
family disputes.

Then just as suddenly I was rushing downwards and came with such force that when I landed on the courtyard of the assembly a force shot out of me and etched letters into the of a man fixed on a wall in front of me.

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