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shopping center
A mall, shopping center, or market can represent your life or several aspects of your life, with each store or area representing an activity, relationship, job or aspect of school, project, etc.

Seeing or using a cart in your dream indicates that you are reaping the rewards and benefits of your hard work. If the cart is empty, then it suggests that you are coming up empty in some endeavor or plan.
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my friend had a dream that we were walking around the downtown shopping area in our town and we were shopping, ...

A dream about or being at a mall means that those things that you need (affection, friendship, spiritual support, quality time with people you care about) are available to you.

Shopping at someone else's garage sale can mean you're thinking of someone else (or people in general) as helpful to you, in a way that you can benefit from what they have to offer.
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. Efforts to nurture. Buying clothing represents strivings for acceptance and affiliation; buying shoes represents progress and advancement; buying food represents efforts to satisfy the needs of the inner self; ...

shopping you can have anything you want; shopping around for something else in your life. What are you looking for that you don't already have?

To dream that you are , indicates your needs and desires. Consider what you are for and what needs you are try to fulfil.

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For most of us shopping is not simply a necessity but a favorite pastime. It is a source of pain, pleasure, recreation, and, at times, "quality time" with family or friends.

A mall indicates needs and responsibilities. For example, to dream of hitting someone on the head with a plate in a mall, ...

Shopping for furniture in a dream can mean that you want to enter a new phase in a relationship.
If you dream that your furniture is on fire, you may need to put an end to an unhealthy relationship.

The tree was about 30 feet high and was standing in what looked like walkways near a mall. One walkway was rising so it came to about halfway up the tree.

I had a dream where I was shopping with someone I know, but while shopping I was hearing sirens lots of them, but continued shopping not bothered by it until everyone around me were all of sudden in a panic.

Maybe you are and you lose a friend and spend the dream searching for them. Of course, you never find them in your dream and you wake up feeling frustrated and sad. The meaning of this type of 'lost' dream is pretty clear-cut.

Misty, I have had dreams for the last 4-5 nights of shopping in stores. I am not shopping for anything in particular, but just shopping and buy--like it was an everday occurance and money was not an object.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of at a department store with her husband. In waking life her husband wanted a divorce when she didn't.

To dream that you are buying or shopping for lingerie, indicates that you are compensating for your inner feelings of emptiness. You may be trying to fulfill some sexual/emotional need.

If you dream of women in a group talking you will soon hear some good news and if you dream of them going through a store you will soon see an increase in your spending power.

If the market was well-stocked and neat and you were shopping or there was business going on, the augury is of abundance and prosperity.

The repository of physical or emotional needs and resources so consider the specific items you are for; the role you are playing; and what you select or reject.

To dream of being at a shopping mall, symbolizes materialism. It represents that you are desperate to buy something in real life. Consider what you purchased at the mall in your dream.
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If you don't believe this, think about people you know who gain self-esteem or a sense of accomplishment from . Participating in commerce is a validation of personal autonomy in many ways. It can also be destructive.

Think of this as akin to Christmas shopping for a few people. You peruse the items and pick the ones that are suited to each individual.

Jane dreamed of me arriving with the flight attendant and had spent her dream urging my mom not to go while I was absent.

ger @ 2011-10-29 20:00:12
i had blue ribbons in my new shoes.
i was in a crowded shopping mall.
i was making sandwiches for people ...

Grocery Store To dream that you are in a grocery store, represents some emotional of physical need that you are currently lacking in your life. You may be in need of nurturance and some fulfillment. Consider the specific items that you are ...

  The over-indulgence doesn't necessarily have to be about food, but could be in regards to other behaviors such as sex, sleeping, watching TV, drinking, shopping, etc.

"I see them on billboards, on the TV; they've been popping up all over the place for me. In fact, the day I was offered both positions a barrel of apples spilled over right in front of me as I was at the market!" ...

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