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Seeing a shadow—meaning an unrecognizable or dark object or figure—can mean many things. Consider the context of the shadow and how you feel about it.

Seeing you own in your dream means an aspect of yourself which you have not acknowledged or recognized. It may be a quality about yourself or a part of you that you are rejecting or want to keep hidden.

If you dream that your shadow acts differently than you do, you are not letting others see all parts of your personality.

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A shadow in a dream can reflect feelings that a second darker side of oneself is present in your waking life. This is a common symbol for those addicted to alcohol or drugs.

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Secret. Ghost. Remnant. Part of your world needs to be illuminated.... Continue dream interpretation - "continue dream interpretation
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Jung believed the shadow represented the dark, primitive, animal-like instincts that we have inherited from our evolutionary development.

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The Subconscious; insubstantiality.Hidden or covert patterns attempting to surface or cause problems.
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A vessel that moves among the intuition, emotions and insight ...

Shadow-symbolic of being in the presence of God, Ps. 36:7. A shadow can symbolize a demonic presence or death de­pending on the emotion associated with the dream, Ps. 44:19, Ps. 23:4
Shaking-symbolic of fear, Isa. 7:2 ...

These are strangers of the same gender as the dreamer who possess the negative attributes of the dreamer. Most often, these negatives are presented in extremes. It is a very useful situation for understanding ourselves.

To see you own shadow in your dream, signifies a hidden aspect of yourself. It may indicate someone who ahs considerable influence over you.

dreams include a stalker, intruder or other frightening monster hiding in the s, stalking you or attempting to break into your home.

Shadow. Most authorities seem to agree that to be aware of your own shadow in a dream is a sign of a beneficial legal matter, likely to be an inheritance or legacy.

A dream where there is a suggests that you are being self-critical, looking at parts of yourself that you are unhappy with or discovering things about yourself you wasn't consciously aware ..Read more →

The Shadow - This archetype represents the dark (e.g. "evil) figure within dreams and is indicative of the dreamer's fears and phobias within their unconscious. Often the shadow is symbolised by danger (e.g.

Your own : Your higher Self participates with you. Your counterpart () personality that you are trying to integrate with.
Emotional threat to self or other person.

Secret. Ghost. Remnant. Part of your world needs to be illuminated.
Shell ...

archetype making itself known. This could refl ect a
problem in your life wanting to be recognized.
starvation: Something within yourself or in your life that is ...

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Secret knowledge
Psychic awareness
We gather these symbolic attributes because night creatures conduct their life-sustaining activities in complete darkness.

see also: shadow gloomy
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- "a shadow of its former self" (a ghost may depict someone who is a shadow of their former self - the ghost suggests this new phase lacking life and energy) ...

This is because water represents life and a bath is a vessel that holds water. For the same reason a bath drain can represent your cervix. A dark coming from the bath drain can indicate a condition such as endometriosis.

Can be one's own shadow self that you haven't dealt with.
empty - What you expected doesn't exist.
engagement - A future desire. In anticipation of a known coming event. Can be a prophetic message about the future.

The pursuer usually represents a fearful aspect of our , and hence an exaggerated version of a denied or inhibited portion of our own personality that would benefit us if integrated and appropriately expressed. More ...

I started to ask what was going on and he asked me to come to the edge of the yard where the shadows were.. So I walked into the shadows with him and he pulled out a gun, shoving it into my chest over my heart.

Example: He said that there was a large puma that sometimes jumped out on you unexpectedly from the s, and you needed a knife to protect yourself.

We were chums in the sense that we were almost constantly together, both at school and at home, and among the partnerships we formed was one of having amateur shadowgraph and panoramic shows in the basement of Willie's home.

Dreaming of a y, ominous, perhaps unseen enemy is calling your attention to your own side. A part of you is keeping you from attaining certain goals. To deduce what part it is, look to other symbols in the dream.

It represents enlightenment, lifting of shadow, the acquisition of understanding and knowledge, and a positive force. Depending on the details of the dream, you may give the light spiritual or physical meaning.

An aspect of yourself, possibly your , that threatens to rob you of important energy if not attended to, some way you have been emotionally robbed. Consider what thethief is attempting to take.

My favorite interpretation is a personal revelation the Lord gave me concerning hiding in the shadow of His wings. I saw myself standing alone, facing the many attacks and pressures that I am used to facing daily.

We were like siamese twins she was a year older than i she called ME her little !!! I have had a couple dreams about her since. She died in a car wreck.

Undress: To dream that you are undressing, foretells, scandalous gossipwill overshadow you.
For a woman to dream that she sees the ruler of her country undressed,signifies sadness will overtake anticipated pleasures.

What is life? An illusion, a , a story, And the greatest good is little enough: for all life is a dream, and dreams themselves are only dreams.
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bully good for you; shadow side of the warrior, which comes out when the fear is denied. What do you have to prove?
bum tired out; you've had enough; just hanging around; seeing the back or end of someone. Who is getting the 'bum's rush'?

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To kill one, denotes that you will defeat sly enemies who seek to overshadow you with disgrace. To hear the howl of a wolf, discovers to you a secret alliance to defeat you in honest competition.
To dream of women, foreshadows intrigue.

To see demons in your dream, represents ignorance, negativity, distress or your self. It also forewarns of overindulgence and letting lust give way to your better judgment. As a result, your physical and mental health may suffer.

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