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To dream of a prison, is the forerunner of misfortune in every instance, if it encircles your friends, or yourself.

Lack of freedom or loss of freedom. Punishment. Discipline. Feeling like authorities in your life are trying to take too much control over you, or that you are allowing them too much control.
See also: restrained punishment ...

Entrapment is a common and interesting dream event. While some would also classify it as troubling, the flip side of being stuck somewhere is relative safety from the threats of an unknown outside world.

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Prison symbolizes your heart and emotions. Specifically it means that you suppress your feelings. You keep your heart in a cage so that others cannot get close to you.

If you dream that you are in , you are feeling suffocated in a relationship or situation. If you dream your boyfriend or crush is in , it is a signal that this person is deceitful and untrustworthy.

Dreaming that we are in prison is a sign that we are being censored in some area of our lives, for example a feeling that we're unable to fully express our creativity.

General Meanings: Dissociation from environment The personifies unconscious isolation from the society. The dreamer is closed in his own thoughts, and hears or sees only little or nothing of what is going on around him.

Prison, Prisoner, Jail
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To dream that you are in indicates you are being limited and not allowed to express your thoughts.
To dream that you or someone is released from signifies that you will soon overcome your misfortune.

prison being repressed; doing something you don't want to do; seeking the approval of others; a need for self-control; a prisoner of love; not free to be yourself; something needs to be locked up. What is holding you prisoner?

Arrow Pleasure follows this dream. Entertainments, festivals and pleasant journeys may be expected. Suffering will cease. An old or broken arrow, portends disappointments in love or business.

To dream of a prison, is the forerunner of misfortune in every instance, if it encircles your friends, or yourself.
To see any one dismissed from prison, denotes that you will finally overcome misfortune.

A dream with a suggests that you are feeling guilty about something, facing some kind of restriction, feeling trapped or inundated, or are feeling left out. The dream may ..Read more →

Prison, lack of freedom, limitations forced upon someone
Feeling cooped up, constrained, unable to change your situation, or hopeless ...

Punishment. Lack of freedom. Confinement. Ask yourself what have you done wrong and need to correct.
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Prison - may represent behavior that is complusive, not under conscious control. If someone else is in prison, he or she represents some part of you that has been shut up in your unconscious, which needs to be set free.

To dream that you are in , signifies that you are being censored and not allowed to express yourself.
To dream that someone else is in , signifies an aspect of yourself that you are unable to express freely.

prison: Forced limitations. Punishment. Being controlled by
another person.
prostitute: promiscuity, ones own sexual value, have you sold out your values?

See .
To see workshops in your dreams, foretells that you will use extraordinary schemes to undermine your enemies.

To see a prisoner's cap, denotes that your courage is failing
you in time of danger.
To see a miner's cap, you will inherit a substantial competency.

*Please See . TOP
To dream of pennies represents petty thoughts, or issues. Thoughts, habits, or situations that you can discontinue at any time if you wanted to.

Escape from a prison symbolize promotion.
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The way through to the wonder of living our own flowering is in the recognition that we do not know from our past what the cause of our distress is. The next step is to give up all the old thinking and surrender to our own process. See ; ...

Prison - if entering, oppression. If leaving or escaping, recovery from depression.
Rabbit - if white or grey, friendship, partnership, success. If black, lies and reverses.
Reptile - slander, betrayal.
Ring - reconciliation.

In poverty bread is the filler, and in jail the er receives bread and water to keep from starvation. In Christianity, Christ is the bread of life, and in popular jargon bread is used to refer to money.

One is when my younger brother and I are at a prison where my youngest sister is held. My brother and I were walking out of the visiting room into a big yard when a guard came and shot my brother twice in the chest. I laid by his body crying.

A cage in a dream, like a jail or , reflects feelings of being stuck, confinement or being 'caged' as in a dead end job or relationship. It may also reflect negative feelings that you cannot escape, such as depression.

With dreams which take place in a prison or dreams of being a prisoner, the psyche is indicating being imprisoned by mental images of the consciousness which, as a rule, do not coincide with reality.
Prostitute ...

If you see the warden of a in your dream, it foretells that you will be under a nurse's care... Continue dream interpretation - Warden"continue dream interpretation
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the dream was: i was in a prison with my sister to visit a old boyfriend (who has now been deported)
i was fretting as he came into the room because i had not cleaned my mouth and i knew he was going to kiss me.
do it mean anything?

A dream that you are in and someone smuggles you a file can mean that there is a way for you to escape from a situation that appears to be hopeless.

Gray is a rather depressing color; some mystics believe it to be the color of the aura of a prison. Some sources believe it to indicate a slow period in the dreamer's life, when he or she is merely "marking time."
Green ...

Subjects in the free Dream Interpretation Dictionary starting with the letter 'P', such as Partner, Pregnancy, Penitentiary, , Privacy, Priest, Perspiration, Parents, Paralysis and Politician, are covered in this Dream Interpretation section.

Work house: To dream that you are in a workhouse denotes that some eventwill work you harm and loss.
- See Prison.
Workshop: To see workshops in your dreams, foretells that you will useextraordinary schemes to undermine your enemies.

You may be restricting your need for self-expression or feel that you are a er of your circumstances. In a sexual sense, dreams of bondage represents your desires to be more sexually submissive or that you have unacknowledged sexual.passions.

Being held prisoner by harem reflects a struggle with your own sexuality in attempt to be accepted despite culture biases.
Owning a harem back in the old days was a sign of wealth and power.

For a girl to dream that she sees her sweetheart with a cap on, denotes that she will be bashful and shy in his presence. To see a er's cap, denotes that your courage is failing you in time of danger.

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