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To dream of your pocket, is a sign of evil demonstrations against you.

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To dream of your , is a sign of evil demonstrations against you.

To dream of your pocket, is a sign of evil demonstrations against you.
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From a Freudian point of view, pockets may symbolize the female reproductive organs. However, for many people this dream may have an entirely different meaning.

To see a in your dream represents hidden talents and undeveloped abilities. You have not used your strengths to their fullest potential.
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To dream of your pocket, is a sign of evil demonstrations against you.
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secret and private place; having a secret about money or identity; feeling isolated; 'out of ,' as in spending or losing money; stealing. What are you trying to get away with?

Pocketbook: To find a pocketbook filled with bills and money in your dreams,you will be quite lucky, gaining in nearly every instance your desire.
If empty, you will be disappointed in some big hope.

A dream where you put an object in your implies that you are being possessive or protective in some area of your life. If you have your hands in your s ..Read more →

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To dream of a pickpocket, foretells some enemy will succeed in harassing and causing you loss.

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Keeping a specific coin in your pocket and visualizing it as a seed, growing into many more coins sounds trite, but it can to get the money ball rolling.

And that you were only able to walk with your hands in your back s means that you were bound-kind of like an "Invisible Hand-cuff". You were a Ghost and what you were seeing is a "Premonition" of what is to happen to your "Soul" when you "Die".

Then I saw the brother that passed by the table had very small thin white wallets in their back pockets.

more money in your book. To make an alarming
statement in a dream is an omen of having to apologize
to someone of inferior rank. To dream of hearing a
clock ring an alarm predicts a profitably exciting

and the other was laying next to me when i woke up and had its head in my back pocket then i jumped,and noticed it was a big huge black snake.it slithered away went into an empty house then through the window it like opens its mouth and comes at me.

A wristwatch featured in your dream is a sign of advancement through the help of influential friends; a watch is a warning that it's later than you think in regard to looking after your own interests--stop drifting and take positive action.

Charlie thought for a while, "Because there was all this beautiful land and they choose to build in my pocket."
"So were you more concerned about the destruction to the land or them being so close to you?"
"Them being so close to me." ...

Example: Dreamt I suddenly felt the key to the hall in my - left hand. I realised the hall door had been left open.

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