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Parrots chattering in your dreams, signifies frivolous employments and idle gossip among your friends.

One who speaks without really understanding what they're talking about. Copy, repeat, or learn by rote rather than through true understanding. Tropical climate, or something else you associate with a .

If you dream of a parrot, you wish you could be like someone in your life who you admire.
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s chattering in your dreams, signifies useless employments and idle gossip among your friends.
To see them in repose, could denote a peaceful intermission of family broils.

i had a strange dream last night that me and my partner went to a animal rescue center he got a periegrin falcon i wanted a macaw parrot but he wouldnt let me have one i found this tiny cage with a lizard in it and an affrican grey parrot he said i ...

Dream interpretation -
s chattering in your dreams, signifies frivolous employments and idle gossip among your friends. To see them in repose, denotes a peaceful...

As you would expect, talking or noisy parrots in a dream forecast irresponsible gossip from which you will have to protect yourself; be energetic about it.
This symbol also appears in the definition for: ...

associated with prophecy; a gaudy chatterer; repetition; copying; following the crowd; looking for Paradise. Who is going along with everyone else, just to preserve the status quo?

To see a parrot in your dream, symbolizes gossip and deceit. It may also suggest that you or someone is mocking you. You are trying to be someone else in your life.

To see a in your dream, represents gossip. A message is being conveyed to you. It may also mean that you or someone is being repetitive.

Dream dictionary definition for parrot: Dreaming of a parrot represents the ways in which you copy or mimic others. This could be as a way of trying to fit in or it could be as a way of learning.

A dream with a suggests that you need to express yourself more clearly when communicating with others, you're rambling on, or repeating what others have already said. The dream ..Read more →

Parrot- Are you merely picking up other people's values uncritically, unreflectingly? Are you only the semblance of a person, a facade?
Party- Celebration; reaching a new plateau, a reason to celebrate.

You have confidence of friends, but will received flattery from a deceitful person. There is a place in your life where you lack originality.
Peacock ...

Blue parrots may represent repeating positive information. Red parrots represent repeating negative information or lying about recalled information.

impostor, involvement, iteration, ivories, keep coming, keyboard, keys, local oscillator signal, make like, manual, meet, mime, mimer, mimic, mimicker, mirror, mirror image, mocker, mockingbird, monkey, organ manual, outline, output signal, , ...

" Parrots are associated with people who mimic or "parrot" others. Ravens are symbols of death and rebirth, appearing during transitions in your life. Vultures in dreams are associated with themes of death and rebirth.

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