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A nurse or caretaker helping you can mean you feel you need some healing or nurturing right now.
See also: staying with someone babysitter breastfeeding
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The is a unique figure in medical personnel dreams because of the romance attached to the helping professions.

advance, aliment, amah, apprentice, attend, attend to, ayah, baby, baby-sit, bandage, bathe, bear, bosom, break, break in, breast-feed, breed, bring up, care for, chaperon, charge nurse, cherish, cling to, clip, coddle, condition, conserve, cosset, ...

Dream Dictionary
To dream that you are a wet , denotes that you will be widowed or have the care of the aged, or little children.

To dream that a nurse is retained in your home, foretells distressing illness, or unlucky visiting among friends.
To see a nurse leaving your house, omens good health in the family.

A ry is for a child, and you're unable to play or make use of the ry. That makes sense for Alice, who acts very grown up for her age.

Dream interpretation - Nursery
If your dream featured children of walking age upward, its augury is one of happiness in domestic affairs and/or business interests,... Continue dream interpretation - Nursery"continue dream interpretation ...

To dream of a ry symbolizes how well you are taking care of yourself. If the ry is empty or cluttered, you don't "baby yourself" and look after your own feelings well enough. Be nicer to you! ...

Nurse, Doctor
People, Characters - Dream Dictionary
A caretaker looking after the helpless or ailing aspect of you; a healer, and therefore, a need for healing; a source of nourishment.

To dream that you are a , denotes that you will gain the esteem of people, through your self-sacrifice.
To see a in your dream, foretells illness, distress, misfortune or injury.

nurse needing care and attention; possible medical concerns; getting well; nursing old wounds; feeding a baby. How can you take better care of yourself?

To dream that you are a , signifies that you will gain the high regards of others. To see a in your dream, denotes that you need to be taken care of and a time of healing, either mentally, physically or spiritually.

Dream dictionary definition for nurse:  Dreaming of a nurse indicates feelings of care and concern for others.  You want to help people get well.

. A dream featuring a professional signifies marriage for the single and family unity for the married unless you a trained or in daily contact with them, in which case the dream has no prophetic significance.

Wet nurse
In general: Nurse in younger women may wish for a child to express. See a nurse who suckles a child who promises most, that a project will develop favorably.

To dream that you are a wet , interpret that you will be widowed or have the care of the aged, or little children.
For a woman to dream that she is a wet , signifies that she will depend on her own labors for sustenance.

Wet Nurse
To dream of a wet nurse represents selfless support of others. You or someone else that is helping someone else "have it all" without getting anything back. Teaching someone to care for themselves without compensation.

To dream that you are a , suggests that you need to show more compassion in a situation.
To see a in your dream, denotes that you need to be taken care of and a time of healing, either mentally, physically or spiritually.

see also: nurse
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Alternatively, if you are worried about money in real life, dreams of numbers can be a reflection of this. Nurse Dreams featuring nurses are positive and suggest the end of a difficult time or specific problem in real life.

The there immediately sees the severity of the wounds and offers to drive us herself in an ambulance parked nearby.

finger i handed my son to my hubby to rush him to the hospital when all of sudden a green snake appeared and started attacking me but i managed to find a shovel and chopped his body into 3 pieces then when we got the hospital i rush to the nurse and ...

No discussion of this type can overlook the presence of Mother Goose in ry rhyme and collective myth. Geese are notorious for protecting their younglings and can be vicious if they feel their brood is in danger.

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Perhaps it indicates d anger or other negative feelings - if we feel parenthood a heavy load you may see your child as a burden. It can also depict resources and ability to meet changing circumstances and needs. See: knapsack.

Bats can fly and, being mammals, they also nurse their young, so a bat can represent your ability to care for others while still retaining your freedom and independence.

Plums: If you dream of plums, it may be an indication of career enhancement or property gains. Think of the ry rhyme Jack Horner who pulled out a plum that turned out to be title deeds.

If you see the warden of a prison in your dream, it foretells that you will be under a nurse's care for a few days.

They go to the hospital when something very serious is wrong - something needing professional help to fix. The doctors and s at the hospital work extremely hard, 24 hours a day, to fix those wrongs and make people right again.

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