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Motherhood on our planet is as old as life. So it holds in it all that experience, all those patterns of behaviour, whether of the mother wolf with her cubs, or the eagle rearing its young.

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To dream of your -in-law, denotes there will be pleasant reconciliations for you after some serious disagreement.

Mother Bird Symbolism
Mother Bird Symbolism and
Birds Who Symbolize Motherhood ...

Dreaming that someone is your -in-law when she isn't in real life can mean you're exploring the idea of being married to her child.
See also: family father-in-law ...

Dreams that include your mother can be extremely varied in meaning depending on your relationship with her and particular situations at any given time.

Seeing your in your dream, represents the nurturing aspect of your own character. s offer shelter, comfort, life, guidance and protection.

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s in dreams usually invoke powerful emotions. If you are dreaming about your , you may be addressing some real-life issues or concerns about your in your dream, or your dream may be based on a valuable memory.

My mother was vibrant and healthy in the dream (she passed away very ill), yet she was concerned about my trip. I changed clothing right in front of her (something I never did in real life), including changing my underwear.

To see your in dreams as she appears in the home, signifies pleasing results from any enterprise.
To hold her in conversation, you will soon have good news from interests you are anxious over.

Before I did I looked on the back and saw the song, "Mother". Again, I didn't think anything of it and I had the same dream that night. Except this time it was REALLY intense. As if it were trying to tell me something.

hood - In European culture, the bear is mostly associated with the feminine forces of nature. For its brown color, it signalizes closer contact with the of Earth. For example in Germany the bear was the queen of the woods.

When men dream of their own mother, she embodies their unconscious spiritual attitudes to women, which are formed by the mother's up bringing in early childhood.

Dream interpretation - -in-law
To dream of your -in-law, denotes there will be pleasant reconciliations for you after some serious disagreement. For a woman to...

Again, this is a symbol that is highly personalized, and needs to be considered in light of the dynamics of your relationship with your mother. If your relationship with your mother is or was good, you can expect happy times ahead.

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Your personal and any psychological or unfinished issues related to her; archetypal images buried when we are born, hence, the collective unconscious; the anima of a male dreamer; ...

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Nurturer, compassion. The relationship that we have with our mother is the most psychologically significant relationship of all. Rarely all good or all bad, our mothers always invoke powerful emotions.

To see your in your dream, symbolizes nurturing, guidance and protection. You may have issues or concerns about your in real life.

Park To dream of walking through a well-kept park, denotes enjoyable leisure. If you walk with your lover, you will be comfortably and happily married.

a role model for women: guidance and instruction; nurturance and criticism; someone giving advice that reminds you of your . What part of yourself reminds you of your ?

To dream of your mother-in-law, denotes there will be pleasant reconciliations for you after some serious disagreement.

A dream with your mom suggests that you have unresolved issues with your mom, or you are looking for comfort or love. The dream also implies that you are creative, ..Read more →

To dream of your grandmother may represent your intuition or gut instincts in situations that you are already experienced in. Your ability to make a positive decision for the future when you already have previous experience.

Your grand symbolizes your and female side in a dream. For example, her dying in a dream asks you to let the negative influence of your die.

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The relationship that we have with our mother is the most psychologically significant relationship of all. Rarely all good or all bad, our mothers always invoke powerful emotions.

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Approval or disapproval. From what do you need to feel nourish and protected?
Motorcycle ...

A sees her child lying in a road, covered with blood.
A lady goes, in a dream, to visit her husband on a distant steamer, and her husband really receives this visit, which is seen by a third person.

(3) Mother may symbolize the unconscious; intuitive self; natural instinctive life; the source of nourishment and growth for the psyche.

To see your grand in your dream, represents nurturance, protection, and unconditional love. Consider the qualities and characteristics that exist in your own grand.
Grandparents ...

Your_Mother @ 2012-10-21 04:32:43
There's this girl I like. I've had two dreams about her. One she was about to kiss me, but I passed out (in the dream) then woke up. The second one, I saw her kiss another guy, then get all lovey on me.

For a to see her son an infant or small child again, foretells that old wounds will be healed and she will take on her youthful hopes and cheerfulness. If the child seems to be dying, she will fall into ill fortune and misery will attend her.

For a mother to hear the voice of her child, is a sign of approaching misery,
perplexity and grievous doubts.

milk: A 's love and nurturance and nourishment.
To milk something e.g. to squeeze out from a situation, person or circumstance all that you can, is another meaning. Many symbols can be metaphors or puns.
mine: Hidden riches.

I left my mother and wife Jane standing outside the airport duty free shop with its tempting bargains and hurried off with the bag to find a fight attendant.

I dreamed my was forcing me to buy a crate of rattlesnakes and I was cussing a blue streak because I didn't want them. She eventually returned them ( I think) . .

Dream dictionary definition for grandmother: Dreaming of a grandmother could represent your waking life grandmother.

Then I was in my 's bed?. I was here because she was in my bed?. It was not making much sense. I woke up and Champagne Supernova by Oasis was playing on the radio.

So in a dream, your father may represent your expressive and protective aspects, while your mother could stand for your receptive and nurturing side.

It was that the older members of my family ( figure, older brother..) had killed this man who was considered 'bad news', he had a daughter that was apparently horrible, and i think he'd been threatening my aunt or something...

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