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Knocking, such as on a door to gain admission, can represent: ...

Dream Dictionary
To dream of using a er, foretells you will be forced to ask aid and counsel of others.

Knocking, such as on a door to gain admission, can represent:
An effort to gain admission or surpass a barrier, such as to a new experience or to gain certain knowledge, or to be accepted by certain other people ...

To hear ing in your dreams, denotes that tidings of a grave nature will soon be received by you. If you are awakened by the ing, the news will affect you the more seriously.
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To hear knocking in your dream represents the attempt of your subconscious to bring a certain aspect of your life to greater consciousness. This may also mean the coming of a new opportunity.

ing in real life may have several meanings so its not easy to say what ing in dreams means. But the same rules apply to the different senses in which we use word.

Dreams About Knocker
What do dreams about knocker mean?
To dream of using a knocker, foretells you will be forced to ask aid and counsel of others.

Meaning of DOOR ER
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To dream of using a knocker, foretells you will be forced to ask aid and counsel of others.
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I've gotten very used to dreams where I either out my teeth or they just fall out, resulting in a large amount of bleeding--probably not consistent with the actual injury. I have these dreams probably about once a month.

If you were doing the knocking, the dream is warning you against loose talk and/or companions; however, if you merely heard the knocking (or saw others doing it), it represents the sound of approaching money.
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ing :
If you hear ing in a dream you can get bad news.
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To hear knocking in your dreams, interpret that tidings of a grave nature will soon be received by you. If you are awakened by the knocking, the news will affect you the more seriously.
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If you hear a in your dream and then hear it repeated several times, it denotes that you will come in contact with a mysterious stranger whom you will never get to know.

Knocking-symbolic of an invitation, Song. 5:2, Rev. 3:20
KO (knockout) symbolic of winning a fight, 1 Cor. 9:26 ...

If one hears ing in a dream it is typically the unconscious alerting us to the need to address some aspect of our personality that is too domineering.

Knocking can be a message that something outside needs to be inside. This can portray how you project a sense of being a victim on events - when the issue might relate to your attitude.

To see or use a er in your dream, symbolizes opportunities and welcomed expectations. You may be seeking for assistance and spiritual guidance. On a negative note, to see a er in your dream signifies repressed thoughts.

knock opportunity is waiting for your answer; feeling pushed around and abused. Who has heard opportunity's 'third knock' and is still hesitating to respond?

Dream dictionary definition for inging is asking permission to enter.

To dream of a door knocker represents you or someone else that is making an extra effort to be noticed. TOP
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A dream where there is a suggests that you can expect something new to appear or take place in your life. It also implies that you are planning the ..Read more →
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Loud knock on a door: You are becoming aware of spiritual truths and are reaching a new level of understanding. You are aware of certain spiritual powers that you have.
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To hear ing in your dreams, suggests that your unconscious is trying to attract your attention to some aspect of yourself or to some waking situation. A new opportunity may be presented to you.
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To hear knocking in your dreams, denotes that tidings of a grave nature will soon be received by you. If you... Continue dream interpretation - Knocking"continue dream interpretation
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ing If you hear ing in your dream, it may mean that your unconscious is trying to attract your attention and wake you up. ing can also mean that a new door will be opening and offering you a great opportunity.

Do your teeth get knocked out or do they fall out for no apparent reason?
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To dream that you have your teeth ed out, denotes sudden misfortune.
Either your business will suffer, or deaths or accidents will comeclose to you.
To examine your teeth, warns you to be careful of your affairs,as enemies are lurking near you.

or catastrophes occur, clouds will darken the horizon of the dream mind; storms will gather, lurid flames of lightning will flash their volatile anger; the explosive thunder will recklessly carry on its bombardment; bells will ring, strange knocking ...

I was asleep in a room, and he came to the window and ed on it at night. I opened the window and asked him what he was doing. He asked me to come outside so I climbed through the window and as I jumped down, I felt something go into my foot..

Alternatively, they may symbolize the start of a new phase in your life (knocking a tooth out sometimes featured in male initiation rites in mythology). The loss of a tooth may represent a loss of self-respect.

While I was doing this there was a on the bathroom door, I shouted that I wouldn't be long but it was my youngest son and he had a key so he let himself in. He wanted a bath and I continued to dispose of my faeces while he was in the bath.

If a boat with two men in it is getting knocked into a cliff by the waves, it means that an event involving your father (men) when you were age two (two men) in your past (behind you), ...

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When I hear the woodpecker knocking, I think of opportunity. You know the old saying "when opportunity knocks, answer the door." That's precisely what I'm driving at here.

The mind loses its reason or will in sleep, but a super-sensitive perception is awakened, and, as it regains consciousness from sleep, the sound of a on the wall may be magnified into a pistol shot.

Remember, your particular experience may influence this. If you had a tooth knocked out by a bully when you were young, then losing a tooth will have a different meaning to you than it would to an average person.

Now to be a receiver or a hearer of His voice, we do need to ask specific questions. In the book of Matthew it says, "Ask and you shall receive, and the door shall be open to you, seek and you will find." ...

To dream that you hear spirits knocking on doors or walls, denotes that trouble will arise unexpectedly. To see them moving draperies, or moving behind them, is a warning to hold control over your feelings, as you are likely to commit indiscretions.

You won't achieve the respect you crave until you can learn to be yourself, be truthful, and not down others to make yourself look good.

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