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Any attitude, thought, realisation or feeling which opens up areas of memory, experience or motivation previously 'locked up'. A realisation or information which allows solution to a problem; also depicts an effective way of doing something.

For a young woman to dream of losing the to any personal ornament, denotes she will have quarrels with her lover, and will suffer much disquiet therefrom.

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Dream Interpretation Key
Vivid dreams arouse our curiosity and realistic dreams sometimes appears to convey information, or a warning, in reference to the future.

The meaning of a dream featuring s varies according to the action in the dream, but as a general guide: To find s signifies a happy solution to any pressing problems you may now have.

To see a key in your dream, symbolizes opportunities, access, control, secrets, or responsibilities. You may be locking away your own inner feelings and emotions.

If you gave them away you are in danger of misjudging something. If you lost a you can get disappointed. If you found s does this indicate luck.

1. To lose keys indicates disappointments, obstacles, and setbacks, while finding keys represents discovering the perfect solution to a problem.

Symbol of access and understanding. s may represent a solution to a problem or a new approach in a dreamer's life that will lead to a desired destination or accomplishment of goals.

In a dream, the person who holds a key has the power to "unlock" what the dreamer needs. If you find a key in a dream, you will find the answer to a problem that's been bothering you in real life.

- also see Dream Dictionary: Lock and Dream Dictionary: Prison
A or s in dreams signify a need to open ourselves up.

Dream of having a key in your hand foretells a mild flirtation. If you dream of putting a key in a lock, you are very likely to be rebuked by someone you like very much.

To dream of s, denotes unexpected changes.
If the s are lost, unpleasant adventures will affect you.

key you have all the tools you need to unlock the truth; finding the central piece of the issue; gaining access to the complete solution; hitting the right key; being well prepared. Who is the key player in this life dilemma?

Interpretation Tip #2
It's important to recall the presence of the snake as it was in the dream, so you can get information about qualities that could remind you of a situation, a person or your emotional state in your waking life.

Key - Solution to problem, knowledge
Kitchen - Digestion, facing the day, rebirthing
Knife - Anger ...

- your unconscious is offering you access to your true identity or a solution to a problem.

Matching Terms:
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The characteristics that stand out about her in the dream, such as humor, acceptance, femininity, intelligence, etc.

The key thing throughout your dream pregnancy is wanting to learn who the father is. Of course in waking life you'd probably already know something like this, which tell us right away that you do not expect to become actually pregnant.

The to evaluate is how much control you felt you had or *should* have had in the crash. Then look into your own life to see where you might be feeling that loss of control.
Symbols in Dreams
Dream Symbol Dictionary ...

The key to the meaning of our dreams is to understand them with a interpretation. This is relatively a deep subject and I cannot possibly explain every facet of dreams in one sitting, so the plan is to add more as time permits.

The is to remember the cross in the Neptune symbol. That grounding element of stabilizing matter (the manifestation - or end result of the dream state).

The key to dream interpretation is to discover why your particular taboo experience was revealed through the particular object or person in question. Dreams often have a peculiar rationale in their storylines.

Lock and
The dream image of a lock indicates an attitude of reserve. If the context indicates that the lock can be indicated as a symbol of the female genitals, this can be a reference to a woman needing protection or to female frigidity.

Here are some key factors that you might feel bothered in your walking life that seems to express itself in your dreams. These words can help you pick out what your subconscious is trying to hint at.

To dream of a represents an ability or what you know you can do. Access, control, or freedom to do something. Alternatively, a may reflect special knowledge or the solution to a problem.

A dream with a key suggests that you want to be free from a stressful situation, you are experiencing authority or power issues, you're being protective, or keeping parts of yourself or ..Read more →
KICK ...

- opportunity for gaining wisdom.
Kiss - betrayal or self-betrayal.
Knife - put all anger aside.
Lamp - be prudent.
Luggage - an unanticipated move to a new, but smaller, home.
Mirror - betrayal.

Kangaroo Kettle Key Kidnapping Killing King Kiss Kitchen Kite Knife Knot ...

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Diary If you dream of writing in a diary, you should pay close attention to the other symbols in your dream because they contain an important key to your future happiness.

Who was with you when you found the and with whom did you share the discovery in your dream? There will be numerous clues in the answers to these two questions.

Dreams of public nudity can be uncomfortable, but the key to easing you mind is to find out what is causing the dream. Do you feel unprepared for something? Do you fear public speaking? Are you hiding your true feelings about something?

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a insight
THE DREAM Recently my dreams seem to revolve around me losing my purse. A very odd dream for me as I don't usually carry purses in dreams.

If things are locked up and we don't have the key, then it is impossible for us to get to it. Consider the details in your dream and try to decipher the message. Are you the one that is locked up inside, or are opportunities closed to you?

The characteristics that the person is displaying in the dream (for example, if they are rescuing you, they may represent the idea of help or assistance, and if they are angry, they might represent the emotion of anger) ...

Exploration is also a key aspect of a great deal play fantasy. Through play and through a process of curiosity and creativity, a child tests out all kinds of assumptions and ideas about themselves, other people, and the world.

To see an anvil in your dream, signifies that you hold the power and to your own success, although you will surely have to go through some struggle and difficulty to achieve your success.

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