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Meaning of GRAPES
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Grape, grape arbor, grape arbour, grape fern, Grape fruit, grape hyacinth, grape jelly, grape juice, grape louse, grape phylloxera, grape sugar, grapefruit, grapefruit juice, grapefruit peel, grape-leaf begonia, ...

To eat in your dream, you might be hardened with many cares; but if you only see them hanging in profuseness among the leaves, you will soon attain to eminent positions and will be able to impart happiness to others.

Grapes :
If you ate or gathered grapes you must not be absorbed by bodily pleasures. Otherwise will grapes symbolize a good life.
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: Dreaming of is about joy and celebration. There is however a hidden warning against overindulgence - so make sure that you don't become intoxicated! ...

Grapes are symbols of wealth but also of indulgence. Therefore, they often suggest that the dreamer needs to watch her spending.
Grass ...

In general: If the dreamer in his dream perceives grape this points out that he has a need for celebration and ceremony.

To see or eat grapes in your dream, symbolizes abundance and wealth. Also, it represents your willingness to impart happiness and pleasure to others.
Gravy ...

fine wines; the good things in life; sweet and nurturing; in mythology referred to as 'the nectar of the gods'; a 'wino'. What news is going through the grapevine?

To see grape vines in your dream, signifies you achievement to a prominent position giving much happiness to others. It is a symbol of opulence, wealth, and decadence. To see or eat grapes in your dream, represents wealth and prosperity.

To dream of represents plentifulness, opulence, success, or hard work that pays off. TOP
Grappling Hook ...

To eat grapes in your dream, you will be hardened with many cares; but if you only see them hanging in... Continue dream interpretation - Grapes"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Grass ...

Grape - are nurture for the soul, and are fruit. Fruit often symbolizes new life, new developments. Also are purple which may represent treausre, or your true self.
Grass - continuing growth
Grasshopper - looking for growth ...

I know that can sound like sour grapes, but I have found something amazing in being myself, in learning to cope with who I am. That is quite enough to get on with. That is quite enough to learn.

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The Greeks and the Romans attributed intelligence to the symbolism of the hedgehog as the witnessed the creature knocking off grapes from vines and rolling on to them - essentially "toothpicking" or spearheading the grapes on their backs and ...

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