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floor mat dream symbol
floor mat
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A mat on the floor, where you sit or where a certain kind of activity takes place, can represent : ...

A covering such as carpet, tile, or linoleum can represent:
A covering, or something that covers something up
A veneer or mask
A fresh start or new beginning, since a carpet gives a a "new look" ...

Seeing the floor in your dream, represents your support. It may also represent the division between the unconscious and conscious.

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Sticky drink on stairs or
This dream asks you to eliminate this drink from your diet or to at least cut down on your consumption.
Stockings ...

Floor :
If it was dirty you will not achieve your goals if you do not change. If the floor was clean you will get what you desire. If you washed the floor you are trying to change to the better.

Association: Entrance, privacy. Question: How well the different parts of myself consistent with each other? Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) - This symbol doesn't have any explanation in Christian culture.

Dream interpretation - Floor
Represents your base, your support, the thing that supports you so you can walk through your house (life), and anything you... Continue dream interpretation - Floor"continue dream interpretation ...

To see the in your dream represents your support system of friends and family. It may also represent the division between your unconscious and conscious minds.

floor check out what is supporting you; someone else has the floor and is calling the shots. What has floored you?
flour buy yourself some flowers; baking up some new ideas. (See flower) What's rising to the surface?

A dream featuring the suggests that you are looking for support in some aspect of your life. If there is something wrong with the or it has imperfections then it ..Read more →

Main Floor
Dream dictionary definition for main floor: Dreaming of being on the main floor of a building represents a foundation or a beginning.  You may be setting a foundation for a project, relationship, or event in your life.

: Basic foundation of the self.
foundation: What you have built your life upon.
kitchen: Nourishment.

"floor. Whether you were painting, polishing, sweeping, scrubbing, or what have you, any dream which featured cleaning or improving a floor, or laying a new floor, foretells profitable business activities.

Upper s and rooftops symbolize higher functions, such as consciousness, thinking, and spiritual perspective. Basements and cellars represent subconscious feelings and awarenesses.

In the 1st floor waiting room were a lot of young people - especially young cute guys and pretty girls. I sat next to one of the guys for a while but then he disappeared and I didn't much like the other guys so I went and sat with the girls.

Represents your support system of friends and family. It may also represent the division between your unconscious and conscious mind.

If you think the floors need sweeping, and you from some cause neglect them, there will be distresses and bitter disappointments awaiting you in the approaching days.

Wrong : you haven't found what you are seeking.
eating food - This may be an indicator that the dreamer is concerned about a weight problem or eating disorder.

It was night time, she was cleaning the garbage outside her beach house (again the beachhouse) but because she was old, she couldn't recognize what garbage was from what, so she grabbed a white garbage bag from the floor and the garbage started ...

He leapt out of my arms onto the . it was a very mighty leap for such a small toddler i thought. the babae bounced off the of it's own body's violent gesticulations. (im not sure that sounds right.) he was bright yellow, orange nearly.

I had a dream where a spider crawled across the floor 2 times so I went to go kill it.
When I was walking over to it hung down from the ceailing, it was a normal black spider untilled it opened its legs.

we got to my room and there was only a mattress on the middle of the and a small blanket that we bought together.

They sat down on the floor as to be taught. Again they asked, "What have you done differently?" I said," I have done nothing differently but opened the door". Then I said, "I had been invited, but not by you.

The s in the house represent different levels of thinking. The mind is made up of three major parts: the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the super-conscious mind. Within these three parts are seven levels of consciousness.

To dream of making a pallet on the floor shows that you are in danger of losing a lover one through your actions and/or suffer uneasiness over the actions of a loved one.

The might represent your support structures or security foundations. If this dream is about the WTC event, you might be feeling as though your foundations and security have disappeared.

To dream that you are making a pallet on the floor, signifies separation of lovers.
To dream that you are sleeping on a pallet, signifies of sleeping on a pallet shows that you have a rival who is very jealous of your success.
Palm ...

She lifted a gold cup with what I believed to be fairy dust and poured in onto a silver circle on the . It was supposed to have some type of explosion upwards but it didn't happen, it only gave out a few lines of glittery sparks.

Numbers often appear in dreams as the age of a person, amounts of money, important dates, certain number of persons, floors of a hotel or time. They can symbolize any kind of interrelationship. Their meanings are often quite elusive.

This question seemed to initially her. She sat quiet for a time and finally spoke.

To dream of drifting into dance floor oblivion is a good sign that your personal struggles are in balance. To dream of being groped in a dance club demonstrates your lack of trust in sexual relationships.

For example when Im up high in a dream, like a cliff or a building and i am scared of falling off, I all of a sudden figure out I'm dreaming, so I jump and keep falling and without waking up until I hit the , ...

Visiting a lavatory or washroom in a dream foretells a sharp altercation with a tradesman. To slip on the floor of a lavatory is a sign that you are in danger of forgetting to execute an important commission.

Houses can host many common dream symbols, but the building as a whole represents your inner psyche. Each room or can symbolize different emotions, memories and interpretations of meaningful events.

*Pass through the floor.
*Pass through the concrete.
Now tunnel your mental masses into the top crust of the Earth.
See the moist soil wrap your mental tendrils softly
See the earthworms and grubs as they wave "howdy" to the remnants of your mind.

The status and location of your mental and spiritual awareness related to the mind. Slow elevator: impatience to get there. Wrong : you haven't found what you are seeking.

we took our departure for our rooms, and on the way up the second flight of stairs I heard a slight movement behind me; on looking around I found I was being followed by a tall figure robed in a long, loose white gown, which came down to the floor.

Flood - overwhelming emotions; water represents the unconscious, and being swept away by a flood may mean your conscious ego is being threathened by something in your unconscious. Identify the source and make peace with it. - foundation, support.

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