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drinking straw dream symbol
drinking straw
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in a dream can symbolize the absorption of knowledge or wisdom.

A beverage, or drinking a beverage, can represent:
"Taking in," as in admiring a view or absorbing an idea
Gaining understanding or knowledge, as in "drinking from the fountain of knowledge" ...

Dreaming that you are water, represents spiritual refreshment. You will find resolution by looking within yourself and your past. Dreaming that you are alcohol indicates that you are seeking either pleasure or escape.

Glass Drinking
It depends what is in the glass. See alcohol
In so many films and TV shows people are shown with a glass in their hands. Also at weddings and parties it is the same, people wandering around drinking alcohol.

Dreams About
What do dreams about mean?
For a woman to dream of hilarious , denotes that she is engaging in affairs which may work to her discredit, though she may now find much pleasure in the same.

Dream Interpretation Drinking
Vivid dreams arouse our curiosity and realistic dreams sometimes appears to convey information, or a warning, in reference to the future.

alcohol in a dream is about repression of feelings as suppresses your sensitivity.
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Drinking Fountain
To dream of drinking water from a fountain is a positive omen, meaning that you have the strength of character to solve all your current problems. Look within and trust your instincts.
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Celebration.Emotions being swallowed or ingested.

Drinking: For a woman to dream of hilarious drinking, denotes that sheis engaging in affairs which may work to her discredit,though she may now find much pleasure in the same.

Dream interpretation - Dram-
To be given to dram- in your dreams, omens ill-natured rivalry and contention for small possession. To think you have quit...

Drinking buttermilk, denotes sorrow will follow some worldly pleasure, and some imprudence will impair the general health of the dreamer.
To give it away, or feed it to pigs, is bad still.

good beer from a can or small bottle indicates something wonderful coming - in a humble package.
2. beer drawn from a keg or fountain is an omen of happiness and prosperity, especially if there was foam on it.

The drinking of spirits and cocktails in a dream is a warning of difficulties ahead. The more you drink, the more serious the disaster will be.
* Please, see meaning of other drinks, coctail.
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To be in a dream is to be taking something in. Therefore, it is important to gain the entire information presented in the dream to understand exactly what it is we need to take in.
- also see Dream Dictionary: Swimming ...

keg drinking alcohol suppresses dreaming; good times may be distracting you from difficulties but also keeping you from noticing the wonderful things in your life. Who's about to explode?

*Please Glass. TOP
To dream of gloves represents your thoughts or perspective regarding the manner in which you are handling a situation. Gloves symbolize your level of caution and carefulness.

Draining, drinking, or drawing and/or writing with blood are practices of this nature. Many genres of cult literature often include this type of reference. Whose blood are you seeing in your dream? Can you discern who caused the bleeding?

ale in a dream is a forerunner to
a hearty enjoyment of simple pleasures.
Problems in algebra or formulas seen in a
dream point to a misunderstanding with regard
to a bill.

If you are drinking milk from milk bottle, then it indicates your sexual desire.
To spill milk in your dream, foretells you will suffer temporary sadness due to unfaithful friends.

To dream of coffee, denotes the disapproval of friends toward your marriage intentions. If married, disagreements and frequent quarrels are implied. To dream of dealing in coffee, portends business failures. If selling, sure loss.

To dream of drinking claret, interpret you will come under the influence of ennobling association. To dream of seeing broken bottles of claret, portends you will be induced to commit immoralities by the false persuasions of deceitful persons.

Dreaming of from a vase and then seeing it break is a bad omen as it shows that you will enjoy a hidden love affair which brings only sorrow and retribution.

To dream of drinking milk, denotes abundant pleasures in home. It is a very propitious dream for women.
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To dream of wine, refers to festivity, celebration, and companionship.
To dream that you are breaking wine bottles, signifies overindulgence in your desires and passion.
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To dream of drinking vinegar, denotes that you will be exasperated
and worried into assenting to some engagement which will fill you
with evil foreboding.
To use vinegar on vegetables, foretells a deepening of
already distressing affairs.

Other people gin in your dream is a forecast of confusion in your affairs due to sudden changes; a dream of gin yourself or of buying it signifies a pleasant surprise.
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A dream about drinking alcohol suggests positive change or removal of restraints. If you are drinking excess amounts of alcohol in the dream or you see an alcoholic, then this ..Read more →

Others , they are out of control, it is an excuse for their behavior, they are not in condition to help you by their own fault, You: possibly too much, its your excuse for you to do something out of the ordinary, ...

To dream about drinking acid signifies that you have strong feelings that need to be expressed. If left inside, they can be harmful.
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If you saw someone beer you must not do something that might hurt your reputation. Otherwise will beer be a good sign.
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Rum To dream of drinking rum, foretells that you will have wealth, but will lack moral refinement, as you will lean to gross pleasures. See other intoxicating drinks.

Alcohol To dream that you are alcohol in excess signifies feelings of insecurity and regret. You may be worried that people will discover your true identity.

Like old drinking cups and things. The friend came up to the apartment with me and when we got inside he told me that the FBI and Police had been there and that they had posted something on the front door of the apartment building.

First dream was me and brother and we went and rode around after picking up beer from convenience store and happened to pick up some arab for some reason.. Arab sat in passenger side of car while brother drove and i was in back seat.

Amongst them are windows that allow sunshine into our homes, drinking glasses, seeing glasses, etc. Glass makes our lives more comfortable and we rarely, if ever give it any thought.

To dream that you are milk, signifies domestic bliss and inner nourishment. It may also imply your need to strengthen your ties and relationships with others. To spill milk in your dream, symbolizes a loss of faith, opportunity, and trust.

An exaggerated apotropaic eye was painted on Greek drinking vessels in the 6th century BC to ward off evil spirits while drinking. Fishing boats in some parts of the Mediterranean region still have stylized eyes painted on the bows.

- access alcohol
- Medical conditions ex narcolepsy
- Leg cramps
- Change in your sleep pattern
- Passed down from family
- Low levels of melatonin
- Change in your lifestyle ex eating habits etc..
- If you sleep on your back ...

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