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Being in a crowd can represent: ...

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A dream of a can symbolize a desire to be like everyone else. If you dream that you are in a , you do no wish to stand out.

Being in a crowd can represent:
A recent time when you were actually in a crowd
Feeling that you "fit in" with everyone else
Feeling comfortable around other people
Enjoying participating in large events ...

To dream that you are in or part of a means you need to make some space for yourself. It also suggests you need to start thinking more for yourself instead of following others.
Crown ...

Dream interpretation - Crowd
To dream of a large, handsomely dressed crowd of people at some entertainment, denotes pleasant association with friends; but anything occurring...

To dream of a large, handsomely dressed of people at some entertainment, interpret pleasant association with friends; but anything occurring to mar the pleasure of the guests, interpret distress and loss of friendship, ...

- also see Dream Dictionary: People
Dreaming of being in a crowd may be indicative of our need to blend in; to not stand out, be accepted, and in some instances, cease thinking for ourselves.
Crown ...

Dreaming of actually being part of an orderly and purposeful implies aspirations in tune with those around you and support and assistance in making all your dreams a reality.

To dream that you are in or part of a crowd, signifies that you need to make some space for yourself. You need solitude to reflect on a situation at hand and recharge your energy.

A dream with a of people in a social gathering or entertainment event symbolizes good relationships with friends. Being in a in general implies that you don't want ..Read more →

A crowd standing in line or queuing symbolizes a slow moving colon.
An overcrowded room signifies your lungs as it is hard to breathe in such locations.
Placating a hostile crowd indicates you have spiritual leadership abilities.

- Many parts of self; differenting emotions.
Crown - Praise, good work; initiation into higher awareness.
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credit card --- cypress ...

A crowd can symbolize a lot, but here are some explanations: If you feel helpless in the crowd can this symbolize that you have big problems. A crowd acting strange can symbolize people equal with you.

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* See Crowd.
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[152] See .
To dream of pepper burning your tongue, foretells that you will suffer
from your acquaintances through your love of gossip.

consummate, contents, contents page, contribute, control, controller, controlling, convenience, copyright page, coral reef, cornice, corymb, cranium, crapper, create, creature, crescendo, crest, cringle, crisis, critical point, crop, crowd of sail, ...

Behind me there were a lot of racks of clothing and a lot of people shopping, and farther back, it was pretty ed. From where I stood, there were no people(they were behind me but not too far).

- to see abdomen in a dream: contemporary views of crowd in the foreground;
- a healthy: good promises morbid desires;
- be on it: the health will suffer a loss; ...

Your space is being ed into and you feel like you are being suffocated. The prickly spines of the cactus represents your wish to establish a boundary of your personal space and privacy. Perhaps you have found yourself in a sticky situation.

Dance To dream of seeing a crowd of merry children dancing, signifies to the married, loving, obedient and intelligent children and a cheerful and comfortable home. To young people, it denotes easy tasks and many pleasures.

A dream of using your elbows effectively in a is a forecast of notable achievement, but to be elbowed yourself is a warning that you are in danger of being cheated or unjustly sued. A pain in the elbow is a signal of unexpected opposition.

If a room is too crowded, you may feel your life is cluttered. If there are strange objects, such as a copy machine in your bedroom, you may be letting work interfere with intimacy.

If you should have a dream that features you as a pool player this is a warning that you should cultivate new friendships and stop running with the same old .

In what environment do I feel lost - in work, in a crowd, where?
Can you see that this is just a feeling and you can change it by recognising it for what it is?
What led me to feel lost - did I lose contact with my passions?

(See also Barking). A Beagle hound seen on a ed city street is a forerunner of many pleasant letters from friends.
A sudden rise to fortune is indicated by a dream of a bedpan in any circumstances.

  To see a zoo in your dreams could indicate feelings of captivity or of being on display.  Alternatively, the term 'zoo' refers to something that is overly busy and crowded.

To see geese in your dream indicates your tendency to go with the . You may be following the goals of others instead of your own. Alternatively, geese denote a desire to escape from responsibilities and demands.
Goose ...

sheep following the crowd; passivity; easy prey for wolves; innocence and sweetness; a 'black sheep' turns up. Where have you been feeling a little sheepish?

To dream of confetti obstructing your view in a of merry-makers, could denote that you will lose much by first seeking enjoyment, and later fulfil tasks set by duty.

In dreams, a bus represents collective action or moving with the crowd. Driving a bus in a dream suggests that the dreamer is carrying a large emotional weight or burden.

auditorium. The social self. An empty auditorium can represent constricted social interests, whereas a ed auditorium suggests a need for social interaction.
avalanche. Urgency, future adversity, a need for immediate action.

To see or use chemicals in your dream indicates that you are experiencing an important change and realizing that you are indeed a unique person. You don't want to follow the crowd.

To dream you travel alone in a car, denotes you may possibly make an eventful journey, and affairs will be worrying. To travel in a ed car, foretells fortunate adventures, and new and entertaining companions.
See Journey.
Tray ...

you. When you find yourself in a large crowd, it can be an
indicator of your involvement in an issue or in the society you
find yourself in.

To dream of a nachos represents situations that make you feel good doing what other people also like. Group harmony or enjoying the same things as others. It may also reflect your attempt to fit in, follow the , ...

Then to my horror I looked far In the distance, and saw a very crowded city, with smoke coming out of the buildings and flashing lights and flying machines around the skyscrapers and I knew at one, that was a large city at war.

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