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Dream Dictionary
To dream of cross-bones, foretells you will be troubled by the evil influence of others, and prosperity will assume other than promising aspects.

roads dream symbol
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Being at an intersection or roads can represent: ...

Crossroads Dreams
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A crossroads in a dream represents a choice you have to make in real life. If you dream you have reached a crossroads, you have reached a time in your life when you must make a decision.

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Until around 33 AD, the was a simple symbol of connection, and maybe of punishment. Since that time, the is a powerful symbol of religion.

Being at an intersection or crossroads can represent:
Feeling you're at a critical decision point, or feeling the need to choose from two or more courses of action somehow in your life ...

or Crucifix
This powerful religious symbol often carries with it either comfort, judgment, healing, pain, or a desire for protection. Obviously, how the object enters the dream and what effect it has on the dream plot is very important.

To see cross-bones as a monogram on an invitation to a funeral, which was sent out by a secret order, denotes that unnecessary fears will be entertained for some person, and events will transpire seemingly harsh, but of good import to the dreamer.

Seeing or doing a word puzzle, suggests that you are being faced with a mental challenge. The dream may be a pun on " words" directed at your or aimed toward someone.
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Cross country is about opening your heart and using it to guide you in your life. Easier said than done but well worth the effort it takes to get there.
Crouching ...

A roads may symbolise a crucial point in your life or the crucial point insomething. It maybe that you have to make a change right now or it will be too late? You have been thinking about some change which will transform your life.

To dream of cross roads, could denote you will be unable to hold some former favorable opportunity for reaching your desires. If you are undecided which one to take, you are likely to let unimportant matters irritate you in a distressing manner.

Dreams About
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To dream of seeing a , indicates trouble ahead for you. Shape your affairs accordingly.

Dream Interpretation/mercury cross
hello hope,i am hoping you can shed some light on this dream for me,it is short but very vivid,
the dream, ...

It depends on whether you are Christian or not, but a usually mean compassion, punishment or cruelty. A can also symbolize joy after a lot of hard work.

To dream of seeing a cross, indicates trouble ahead for you.
Shape your affairs accordingly.
Cross ...

Dream interpretation - Roads
To dream of roads, denotes you will be unable to hold some former favorable opportunity for reaching your desires. If...

Cross Symbolism
Cross symbolism offers us a powerful union of major faith-based concepts. Here are a few keywords for this symbol's meaning:
Find out more about cross symbolic meanings here.

es are interpreted subjectively depending on your religious beliefs. Some see it as symbolizing balance, death, or an end to a particular phase of life. The specific circumstances will help define these dream symbols.

To see a cross (crucifix) in a dream, is a warning that someone you care about will go through troubling times.

To dream of being at a roads, foretells that you will have some important matter to decide from several options. It also indicates that you need to carefully think through the situation before making a decision.

Cross-symbolic of Christ’s death for our sins, Jn. 19:19. If the cross is colored the color has special significance to the interpretation.

Objects - Dream Dictionary
Spiritual beliefs or feelings; connection with the divine; the developing spiritual aspects of your life; connection with your inner Christ/love consciousness.

Dreaming of a crossing or crossroads implies the dreamer is about to engage in a major decision making process in waking life.
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ing top list
THE RIVER-Change, choice, attitude, emotions.
Crown top list
A crown made of gold and jewels symbolizes power, honor, and status.

If you dream that you are crossing a boundary, you could be confident that you are using your energy wisely or that you have survived a dangerous experience. It could also mean that you are expecting changes to come in the future.

Movement described as a type of ing suggests perseverance into the unknown when you feel that the future is unclear.

To see a cross in your dream, signifies suffering, martyrdom, death, and/or sacrifice. Perhaps your dream is telling you that you have a cross to bear. Ask yourself what is causing you to suffer or what is causing you great difficulties.

To dream of roads, denotes you will be unable to hold some former favorable opportunity for reaching your desires.

To dream of cross-bones, foretells you will be troubled by the evil influence of others, and prosperity will assume other than promising aspects.

A dream featuring roads implies that you will have to make a potentially difficult choice in your life. If you cannot decide which way to go then it suggests that ..Read more →

To dream that you or someone is cross-dressing, indicates that you need to express and acknowledge your masculine side if you are female or your feminine side if you are a man.
Crossroads ...

ing a brightly lit bridge, and the bridge itself in good repair, with no difficulty, signifies a change in circumstances with a lot of prosperity heading your way.

Cross - Balance; realization of spiritual identity.
Crowd - Many parts of self; differenting emotions.
Crown - Praise, good work; initiation into higher awareness.

: For millennia, the has been a symbol with special spiritual meaning. The has four points symbolizing the four cardinal directions, the four seasons, the four winds, the four archangels, and the four gospels.

To cross a ferry while the water is calm and clear, you will be very lucky in carrying out your plans, and fortune will crown you.
Festival ...

To a bridge safely, a final surmounting of difficulties,
though the means seem hardly safe to use. Any obstacle
or delay denotes disaster.

To see crossed legs represents stubbornness, defensiveness, and being close minded. TOP
Lemmings ...

Idioms: my heart and hope to die; get your hopes up; Great White Hope; haven't got a hope; haven't got a hope in hell; high hopes; hopes dashed; pin your hopes on
Useful Questions and Hints:
Were your hopes rewarded in any way?

300. The Cross
600. warfare
666. number of the beast, Antichrist, flesh, the Pope to some (year 667 AC declares he is mediator between men and God), Trinity of evil one ...

Crucifix ()
dream interpretation
meaning of dream
A can have several seemingly varying connotations, or the interpretation may be multifaceted.

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