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cow dream symbol
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Contentment, satisfaction. Simplicity. A relaxed or laid-back attitude. Dreaming of this animal can represent: ...

Contentment, satisfaction. Simplicity. A relaxed or laid-back attitude. Dreaming of this animal can represent: ...

Seeing a cow in your dream means your obedience to authority without question. It symbolizes your passive and docile nature. Alternatively, it represents maternal instincts or the desire to be cared for.

To see a in your dream implies that you are content with following instructions and not causing an argument or defiance. You tend to be submissive and meek.

Cow Symbolism
In many cultures the cow is symbolic of Mother Earth, and has been a symbol of fertility, nurturing, and power.

2. The who saved its baby: this problem that you almost lost your boy friend did not have a bad influence on your educational career.

Cow :
You may have done, or you will do something stupid. A cow with long horns or that is angry symbolize your enemies. A cow can also symbolize the maternal instinct. See possibly cattle.

To see a in your dream, symbolizes fertility, nourishment and motherhood.
To see a herd of in your dream, suggests that you are surrounded by many friends.

In men's dreams, the cow can indicate strong ties to the mother. In women's dreams, the symbol of the cow frequently signifies that the dreamer should develop the motherly aspects of womanhood within herself.
Crossroads ...

s in dreams represent wealth, happiness and femininity.
boy ...

Cow - the complete feminine or mother-figure is depicted by the cow.
Deer/Reindeer - deer herds have a strict hierarchical order, thus the dreamer recognises his or her place in the world. The deer also symbolises pride and nobility.

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In our dreams, this simple domestic animal can represent a variety of very important and deeply-felt issues. In some cultures the is a sacred symbol, representing divine qualities of fertility, nourishment and motherhood.

In ancient societies, a person's wealth was defined by the number of cattle he or she owned. Cows have also long been a symbol for love, nurturing, kindness, and generosity.

check if you are getting sufficient calcium; country living; motherly love; not very smart; eating too much; waiting 'till the s come home'. What can't you stomach?

Docile and productive. Great prosperity in all ventures but watch out your own affairs carefully. Cows promise abundant fulfillment of hopes and desires.
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In our dreams, this simple domestic animal can represent a variety of very important and deeply-felt issues.

Cow - Cows often symbolize your mother, or motherhood, in the way a mother cow protects and gives an abundant supply of milk {nurturing}. They also represent the animus or feminine aspect of the male psyche.

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To dream of California represents a mindset that is focused on feeling good noticing how wonderful a situation is. Wanting everything you're doing to feel good.

Cow - the symbol of femininity, especially in a parental way. It is also a symbol of nourishment, because the cow provides milk to people.

To suckle from a 's nipples indicates that you are taking advantage of a period of prosperity. It's also quite possible that you've been overdoing it, or at least ignoring the decent standards of restraint.

Dream dictionary definition of yak: The yak is a long-haired bovine (same family as the cow), native to the Himalayans, Tibet, and Mongolia.  They are well adapted to high-altitudes and have expanded lung capacity.

To dream that you are milking a , signifies that great opportunities are being put before you but out of your reach. Through perseverance, you will win out in the end.
To see a mill in your dream, symbolizes frugality and fortunate endeavors.

Michael @ 2011-10-01 08:44:46
My uncle called me to warn me of a bad cow which was coming in my direction. It came at me and tried to kill me and others in the house. Funny enough that particular uncle and I are not close.

To dream of milking, and it flows in great streams from the udder, while the is restless and threatening, signifies you will see great opportunities withheld from you, but which will result in final favor for you.
Mill ...

Eating liver, such as the liver of a chicken or a cow, represents an attempt to control negative emotions and to develop a more positive attitude toward life.

We could see the man and the woman coming together, the bull and the , the buck and the doe rabbit - we could see that. We could see what came of it - Life.

It also talked to me in a very calm and sweet female voice similar to my mothers. She kept aking me to feed her my beef brisket. I asked her if she knew what it was, she replied "cow". It was a strangly comforting dream.

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