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Colliery or Coal-Mine
Dream Dictionary
To dream of being in a coal-mine or colliery and seeing miners, denotes that some evil will assert its power for your downfall; but if you dream of holding a share in a coal-mine, ...

generally symbolizes economical problems. If you burned you will get a reward.
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To dream of a coal-hod, interpret that grief will be likely to fill a vacancy made by reckless extravagance. To see your neighbor carrying in hods, foretells your surroundings will be decidedly distasteful and inharmonious.
Coat ...

To see (s) in your dream, represents wealth and points to your unused potential. Alternatively, this dream may indicate that you have been misbehaving.
Coat ...

coal dark thoughts; heat; black; dense; formed deep within; carrying 'coals to Newcastle'; being 'hauled over the coals'. What is dark and shiny and fuel for a fire?

Mineral To dream of minerals, denotes your present unpromising outlook will grow directly brighter. To walk over mineral land, signifies distress, from which you will escape and be bettered in your surroundings.

To see a coal in your dream, represents wealth and prosperity. Alternatively, it may indicate that you have been misbehaving. You have been caught.

A mine is a source of power so can indicate you are a hands-on healer. However a mine can also be about your colon due to the fact that it is mined from the earth and the half pun makes with colon.
Coat ...

Coal - Unknown energy sources of potential self. It also points to your unused potential.
Coat - Protection; covering up emotions. Do you have a defensive persona?
Coat of Arms - Your roots, true identity.

Candle , candle flame, Candle foot, candle holder, Candle meter, Candle power, Candle Wax, candleberry, Candleberry tree, Candlebomb, Candlefish, Candleholder, candlelight, candlemaker, Candlemas, Candlemas Day, candlenut, Candlepin, ...

Gasoline, coal, firewood, or any other kind of fuel can represent:
The resources (skills, ability, knowledge, contacts, etc.) needed to make progress or move ahead somehow in your life or in a specific situation ...

Colliery or -Mine
Dream interpretation - Colliery or -Mine
To dream of being in a -mine or colliery and seeing miners, denotes that some evil will assert its power for...

I was just about to light the coal, when suddenly, loads of thumb-sized black spider-like bugs appeared on the coal, moving about. I lit my match, put it to one of the bugs, and they quickly turned to ash and disappeared. END OF DREAM 1.

dark, pitch-black, jet-black,, ebony, inky. plural: dark, pitch-blacks, jet-blacks, s, ebonies.
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Lips ...

Through consistent unveiling of your inner depths, (as our coal-black avian friends would have us do) positive/active utilization of these inner impulses the esoteric secrets become exposed to the light of your own consciousness.

To dream of being in a mine, denotes failure in affairs. To own a mine, denotes future wealth.
* See Mine.
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