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Dream Dictionary
For a woman to dream of seeing a cap, she will be invited to take part in some festivity. For a girl to dream that she sees her sweetheart with a cap on, denotes that she will be bashful and shy in his presence.

It is a good omen to dream of wearing a ; your worries will evaporate and your troubles will prove temporary, unless the was noticeably shabby, torn and/or dirty, ...

Cap :
A cap is a good sign if it was not dirty or worn. If it was dirty or worn it will mean bad luck in trade.
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It is a good sign to dream of wearing a , whether you are a man or a woman. You will find that your worries will cease and that you will be fortunate in your investments.

cap it's time to put a cap (or lid) on it; being a good sport; covering a bald spot; going to someone with 'cap in hand'. (See lid) ) What thoughts are you covering up?

- also see Dream Dictionary: Hat in Clothes
To wear a in a dream is indicative of concealing one's features. It may also suggest the dreamer has a tendency to hide their creative ability.

To see a cap in your dream, signifies completion of some task or a mission that has been accomplished.

And Gown
To wear a and gown in your dream, indicates that you are transitioning into a higher level in your life. You are ready to move on to the next stage. TOP
And Gown ...

A dream with a cap symbolizes freedom. To wear a cap in your dream suggests that you are suppressing your creative side.
CAR ...

To dream of a shower suggests that you are unwilling to let your guard down. You are still keeping up a protective barrier between you and others.
Shower Curtain ...

Cotton Cap
Dream interpretation - Cotton Cap
It is a good dream, denoting many sincere friends.... Continue dream interpretation - Cotton Cap"continue dream interpretation
Cotton Cloth
Dream interpretation - Cotton Cloth ...

It is a good dream, denoting many sincere friends.
Cotton Cloth ...

Cap - Covering up the intellectual processes needed to make good judgements. An informal aspect of yourself {as opposed to formal thinking of who you think you are}.

jockey , jockey club, jockey shorts, Jockeying, Jockeyism, Jockeyship
Dream Dictionary
Definition: ...

To see a cap in your dream, signifies informality and ease. It also suggests that you need to be more tolerant of others.
Cape ...

And the Earth I was shown only had one ice-. Also, I heard the word "January" but not sure what that means unless this is what it COULD look like after 20-12.

verb: blanket, board up, bury, bush up, cache, camouflage, canopy, cap, carpet, cloak, clothe, coat, conceal, cover up, crown, curtain, daub, disguise, do on the sly, dress, eclipse, encase, enclose, enfold, ensconce, enshroud, envelop, hood, house, ...

Something that seems over your head or unattainable
A lid or a
A limitation on how high you feel you can go or how much progress you feel you can make
see also: climbing floor building house upstairs roof
categories: Objects Places ...

Kohoku: A white and red fish (known as a "cap" fish with white body and a red mark on its head) believed to encourage advancement in career. ...

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