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Alphabet can appear in a dream partially or fully written, spoken or plastic, which is not always have to involve our alphabet, but also about a foreign language (for example, Greek).

letter of the
A letter, such as "A" or "W," might represent a word that starts with that letter, a person whose name begins with that letter, a feeling you get from that particular letter, the shape of the letter, or almost anything.

See our themes section for the alphabet for my information on letter symbolism. TOP
Alsatian ...

out of order; too orderly; learning; start at the beginning; sending or receiving an important letter. Where in your life do you need to get back-to-basics?

To see letters of the alphabet in your dream, symbolizes something that your mind is associating with or those particular letters - it might be an object, a place, or a person in your life.

The letter of the , either in their
regular order or jumbled, point toward success as
a writer, an actor, or a librarian.

*Please see Letters.
To see the altar in your dream, symbolizes that you are making a great personal sacrifice. You may also be expressing concerns about your spirituality.

finger , finger bowl, finger cymbals, finger food, finger grass, finger hole, finger millet, finger painting, finger plate, finger protein, finger wave, fingerboard, fingerbreadth, fingered, Fingerer, fingerflower, Fingering, fingerless, ...

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Dreaming is a part of life. Everyone dreams. They dream for as long as they live. Even unborn babies dream in their mother's womb. Dreams are the roots for the state yet to come.

Further, the Feoh is the first letter of the Germanic , which underscores its symbolic importance. This symbol represents wealth gained by honest means, and hard work. This may not appeal to some of you.

To make it easier I am going to list the appropriate dream contents in alphabetical order so that if you want to look up a dream of your own you can find the meaning more easily.

To see letters of the in your dream, symbolizes any object, animal, place associated with or resembling that particular letter. For example, the letter "T" may refer to a type intersection in a road.

The following list is sorted into alphabetical order to make it easy to quickly determine the subject matter of your dream. The list includes general locations along with locations and devices in the home.

The Three Little Men in the Wood - Brothers Grimm
Water parks arranged ically- US waterparks starting with F to J
Water parks arranged ically- US waterparks A to E
Water parks arranged ically- US waterparks ...

Enter a word, in whole or partly, in the search box below or click a letter in the alphabetical index to see a clickable list of dream symbols.
Jack Jackdaw Jam Janitor January Jar Jaw Jay Jaywalker ...

You can use a note book with ical tabs or get an inexpensive address book and list symbols, places and people etc using the first letter in their name for easy look up.

The Dictionary contains explanations on almost any type of dream subject. The entries are placed in alphabetical order for easy reference, but some, like 'dog' or 'running' may be placed in certain categories such as animals and posture, ...

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Anima / Animus
These are terms that Jung created to describe the opposite-gender self that lives within each of us.

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