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Nictitating membrane

Cat  Nictating Membrane  Norwegian Forest

nictitating membrane
The part of the lining of the eye that covers the cornea when the eyelids close
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The third eye lid in the inner angle of the eye, which may spread diagonally over the eye ball to protect the eye.
When cats are sick, one can see the third eye lid quite often, which is called prolaps.
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Nictitating Membrane - Transparent third eyelid - located at the inside corner of a cats eyes.
Nocturia - Excessive urination at night.
Nogmog - Nickname for Norwegian Forest Cat.

- the correct name for the thin opaque membrane that covers the front fo the eyebal under the eyelid.
Nocturnal: Active at night
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When it does occur, it involves eversion or prolapse of the gland of one or both of the cat’s third eyelids (also called the nictitating membranes).

Third eyelid: The eyelid that is attached to the inner corner of the eye and extends out to the side of the eye when the animal blinks; also called the ""
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Cat  Nictating Membrane  Norwegian Forest

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