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Nautical mile: distance of one minute of longitude at the equator, approximately 6,076.115 feet. The metric equivalent is 1852 meters.
Navsac: navigation safety advisory council, an industry advisory body to the u.s. coast guard.

: One minute of latitude; approximately 6076 feet or 1852 metres - about 1/8 longer than the statute mile of 5280 feet.
NAVIGATION: The art and science of conducting a boat safely from one point to another.

The International Nautical Mile as proposed by the International
Hydrographic Bureau in 1929 and adopted by the United States in 1954 has a length of 1852 Metres (approximately 6076.11549 International Feet).

- Distance at sea is measured in s, which are about 6067.12 feet, 1.15 statute miles or exactly 1852 meters.

nautical mile
A distance of 6,076.12 feet or 1,852 meters, which is about 15 percent longer than a statute mile. Equivalent to one minute of latitude on a navigation chart.
nun buoy
Conical navigation buoy that is usually red.

1 is an International measurement of distance at sea level (1.85 kms).
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Nautical mile - 6,080 feet. One minute of latitude at the equator.
Official log - a record book kept by the master in which he must, by law, enter certain particulars relating to the ship and its voyage.

: The unit of geographical distance used on "salt-water" charts. 1 corresponds exactly to 1 minute of angular distance on the meridian (adjacent left and right side of a sea chart).

Nautical Mile - One minute of latitude; approximately 6076 feet - about 1/8 longer than the statute mile of 5280 feet.
Overboard - Over the side or out of the boat.

(NM): International standard for measuring distance on water. One equals one minute of latitude. (One equals 1.15 land miles.)
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Nautical mile - A distance of 1.852 kilometres (1.151 mi). Approximately the distance of one minute of arc of latitude on the Earth's surface. A speed of one nautical mile per hour is called a knot.

: Measure of length at sea (2025 yards). 1 mile = 1,760 yards.
Nun - a kind of navigational buoy ...

nautical mile - An international distance of 1852 meters or 6076.12 feet. A nautical mile equals one minute of latitude. See also "Mile."
naval architect - An architect who specializes in marine design.

: a unit of length corresponding approximately to one minute of arc of latitude along any meridian arc. By international agreement it is exactly 1,852 metres (approximately 6,076 feet).

Nautical mile
Nautical mile
The international nautical miles is 1852 metres. For practical pur­poses it can be called 6080 feet, or just over 2000 yards. A mile is divided into ten 'cables', each of which is therefore approximately 200 yards.

2 s
Looking towards the shore: One recognizes doors and windows but not human beings.
Looking only over the water: One barely starts to identify large buoys. At night, boats navigation lights start to be visible.
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NAUTICAL MILE - 6,080.2 feet
OPEN SITTING - Seating anywhere in the dining room as opposed to an assigned table
OUTSIDE CABIN - A cabin with a view of the ocean ...

The unit of distance in the nautical system. There are 60 s in one degree of latitude. 1 = 1.15 statute miles.
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NAUTICAL MILE - One minute of latitude; A measurement used in salt water approximately 6,076 feet - about 1/8 longer than the statute mile of 5,280 feet.
NAVIGATION - The art and science of conducting a boat safely from one point to another.

One 60th of a degree of latitude, or one minute of latitude. Approximately equal to 6,076.1 feet, or 1.15 statute miles.
Navigation ...

Nautical Mile - Mi on nautical maps is nautical mile 115 land miles = 1 nautical mile or about 2000 yards
Nautical Speed - Knots ( not knots per hr )
Navigation Time - Use 24 hours ( 1400 = 2 pm ) and tenths rather than minutes ...

A measure of distance equal to one minute of latitude which is approximately 6076 feet.
NAVIGABLE Water which is of sufficient depth to allow a boat navigate.

3 nautical miles.
The direction that the wind is blowing toward. The direction sheltered from the wind.

A , or knot, is the same as a geographical mile. Its length is six thousand and eighty feet. A statute mile in the United States measures five thousand two hundred and eighty feet.
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--N-- NAUTICAL MILE See knot. NIBBING PLANK A margin plank that is notched to take the ends of regular deck planks and insure good calking of the joint. NIGGERHEAD A small auxiliary drum on a winch. See Gypsy.

Mile- A is 6,080 feet.
Mizzen- Mizzenmast. The shorter, after mast on a boat.
Motor sailer- A boat that uses both sail and engine. The engine in these boats is larger that an auxiliary.

A speed of one nautical mile per hour. A method of attaching a rope or line to itself, another line or a fitting.
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A speed of one per hour.
Intertwining the parts of one or more ropes.
To crown a knot is to pass the strands over and under each other above the knot. ...

nautical mile. One minute of latitude or about 1.15 statute miles; as in: A nautical mile is easy to measure by referring to the latitude on a nautical chart.
Navigation Rules. Both the international (COLREGS) rules and the U.S.

: One minute of latitude, 1852 meters
Navigation: The teaching of commanding a boat safely from one point to another ...

1. A speed of one Nautical mile per hour. (6076 feet) per hour.
2. A method of making a Line Fast to an object, another Line, itself, or for ornament.
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(2) A nautical measurement of distance, a tenth of a , 100 fathoms, or approximately 200 yards ...

a chamber to dry the wood.
King Plank The centerline plank of a deck.
Knee See Hanging Knee.
Knockabout A type of schooner without a bowsprit.
Knockdown To be capsized by the wind or waves.
Knot 1) A speed of one nautical mile (6, ...

Knot (1) a speed of one per hour. (2) a method of attaching a rope or line to itself, another line or a fitting. Land breeze A wind moving from the land to the water due to temperature changes in the evening.

Nautical unit of distance, having a standard value of 1/10th of a nautical mile (608 ft.) or 100 fathoms.
Cable-bitt - Large vertical timbers, morticed into the keel, to which anchor and mooring cables were attached.

Knot - (6,076 ft.) per hour ( a measure of speed).
Lee of the Land - near a shore which provides protection
from wind and waves.
Lee Shore - land downwind of a boat.
Leeward - downwind; away from the source of wind.

Equivalent to (UK) 1/10 nautical mile, approx. 600 feet; (USA) 120 fathoms, 720 feet (219 m); other countries use different values.

Calm: A wind or force less than one knot (knot: 1 per hour).
Camel: A wooden float placed between a vessel and a dock acting as a fender.

KNOT: A measure of speed equal to one nautical mile (6076 feet) per hour.
LEE: The side sheltered from the wind.
LEEWARD: The direction away from the wind. Opposite of windward.

knot -- a (equivalent to 1.15 miles or 1.852km). Also, any of various tangles of line formed by methodically passing the free end through loops and drawing it tight.
landfall -- first sight of land ...

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