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Oat Protein . This protein has moisture-binding properties that are easily absorbed by the skin and hair. It gives hair improved body and greater elasticity.

: An amino acid with soothing properties. Stimulating, cleansing.

OAT PROTEIN - Avena Sativa. A very special, natural
emulsifier which blends vegetable oils and vegetable glycerins together. Burt's Bees selects oat protein over wheat.

Avena sativa. Natural humectant clinically proven to increase hydration. Used in skin care products to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.
Olive Extract ...

*, coconut milk, virgin coconut oil*, blend of coconut derived lauric acid and oat amino acids, polyglucose, sodium stearyl lactylate (vegetable derived stearic and lactic fatty acids), vegetable glycerin, sunflower oil*, hydrolyzed oat protein, ...

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Beauty  Oat oil  Oatmeal

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