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Well Aspected - A planet is called well aspected when it has no hard aspects. This shows ease of expression and a certain ability to bring the ingredients symbolized forward into life with little or no conflict.
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and favourablely placed suns idicate a potential for creativity, self-reliance, courage and sucess.

Well Aspected: a planet with trines or sextiles, none or only weak squares or oppositions, AND not conjunct Saturn or an outer planet (unless that outer planet is its higher octave).

Apheta : A benefic that occupies an aphetic place in the horoscope, said to have life-preserving qualities.

If this planet is well aspected and fortified in the tenth it’s an excellent sign for success in one’s profession, particularly financially and the person gains much reputation through their profession.

Saturn is basically in your chart while in Libra but from End November-Early December 2010; 2nd half March and 2nd half August 2011 it will oppose Eris. This causes disappointment with those in authority.

Alpheta: Literally, the giver of life; A well aspected benefic that occupies an aphetic (hylegiacal) place in
Alphetical Places: Those parts of a horoscope from 5 above the Ascendant to 25 below, from 5 below the Descendant ...

These two tend to be benefic when to the benefics and unfavourable when forming any aspect to the malefics. New Aspects Kepler proposed new aspects be added to the "Old" Ptolemaic aspects of the planetary rays.

Where they are well aspected by another planet these natural characteristics are enhanced so far as the benefic planets are concerned, but when evilly aspected, the nature of Venus, which is wisdom, love and rhythm, will become folly, licentiousness, ...

(2) If the Lord of the Ascendant is strongly placed and , but there is another planet which by position and aspects is deemed of equal power, both planets may be considered as co-rulers in a dual Lordship.

There is however at least one good side: the cusp of the third house is rather well aspected, the only technically bad aspect is from the sun.

The lights are and in trine to each other. The Moon, light of the sect, is angular. The fixed star Antares is culminating. Mercury, triplicity ruler of the lights and ascendant, is angular and almuten.

If Venus and Uranus are well aspected in your chart you're charming, magnetic, and have the potential of a love union that will bring a great deal of happiness.

Alpheta Literally, the giver of life; A benefic that occupies an aphetic (hylegiacal) place in the horoscope, said to have life-preserving qualities.

Losses through sickness; servants and animals. Well aspected gain through service, employees and small animals, pleasure or young people. Command over foreign language, a few brothers. Respected and comfortable old age.

Neutral Planets - Mercury and Neptune. These two tend to be benefic when to the benefics and unfavourable when forming any aspect to the malefics.

Rahu, or the North node, represents the ideas of exaggeration, ambition, materialism, compulsion, and lust, and when it conjuncts a planet, it often amplifies (sometimes in a distorted way) the expression of that planet. If it is well aspected and ...

Known for its expansive and fortunate influence in a horoscope, wherever Jupiter is in your chart, you're blessed and have a lot of what that particular sign/house represents. When , Jupiter is wise, generous, buoyant, and optimistic.

These signs may work if Venus is very well aspected, strongly placed, and in harmony with both natal charts.
Mars under stress (squares, oppositions, some conjunctions) is passionate and sexual, but can also indicate fighting and arguments.

Certainly benefics produce a desired result more easily in most situations than malefics (see next entry). The natural benefics are Venus, Jupiter, the Sun by trine or sextile aspects, and any planet that is and dignified (see note).

for it is impossible that the marriage be good where Venus is impotent or afflicted; neither can it be very bad if she be strong and well aspected of the Fortunes; for in Marriages she is the chief significatrix.

You could achieve greatly in the helping professions, possibly with a specialization in alternative medicine, and especially if Neptune is by other planets in your chart.

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