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Vishwa - The manifested universe; Earth.
Vishwamsa - One-twentieth part of a zodiacal sign, each equal to 10 30'. The ruler ship of these portions is assigned according to a special rule.

jit : one who conquers the universe
karma : architect of the universe
lochan : eyes of the universe (sun, moon) ...

[Vishwa = universe; Karman = creator] Omnificent. Originally, an epithet of any powerful god, as of Indra and Surya, but subsequently, represented as a personification of the cosmic creative power.

(according to some the ruling deity is devatas). All their attributes are in this star. The warrior, the wrestler, the painter, the artist, the magician, the well-dressed man, the happy and successful men are influenced by this star.

According to Hindu mythology, the coconut was created by Sage Vishwamitra to prop up King Satyavrata who was attempting to gain entry into swargaloka (heaven) as a mortal but was thrown out by the Gods.

14. Chitra 23 20' Virgo - 6 40' Libra - (Deity -karma) - Self improvement,buying new clothes & adornments, fixing up home, arts, crafts, technical, architecture, relationships, beautifying.


Attempts even at monism were attempted by subordinating other gods to singular entities or gods of supreme power, three most notably being Vishwakarma, Indra and Varuna, though Indra was the most eulogized as supreme in his 200 Rig Vedic verses.

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Astrology  Vishakha  Vishwadeva

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