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Mutual reception

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Mutual Reception
Science / Astrology / Mutual Reception: Two planets placed in each other's sign of essential dignity are in mutual reception, 'en rapport'.

- between Uranus and Neptune
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Mutual Reception and Single Reception
A major form of reception is the mutual reception, wherein two planets receive each other simultaneously.

(see diagram) Two planets are said to be in when they are in each other's signs of rulership. The example in the diagram is Mars in Taurus and Venus in Aries.Each planet has influence over the others' sign.

Mutual reception is where two planets receive each other at the same time ie., Venus in Leo with the Sun in Taurus (both by sign) or Moon in Pisces and Jupiter in Taurus (Moon receives Jupiter by exaltation, Jupiter receives Moon by sign).

Our next topic was s. This occurs when 2 planets are in the other's ruling sign.

Mutual Reception
This is when two planets are in the sign that the other rules. For example: when Venus is in Scorpio and Mars is in Taurus at the same time, they are in mutual reception, using traditional rulerships.

- This occurs when two planets receive each other in one of their essential dignities. by ruling sign is the strongest. There can be reception (in order of strength) by sign, exaltation, triplicity, term, or face.

Mutual Reception: When each of two Planets is in the Sign ruled by the other, a relationship is formed that acts much like a conjunction. (example; The sun [ruled by Leo] is in Cancer and the Moon [ruled by Cancer] is in Leo.) ...

is one of those astrological terms that often baffle the beginner.

Mutual Reception: See 'Reception.'
Nadir, or Immum Coeli, usually written I. C.: ...

. Said of two planets mutually posited in each other's essential dignities.

Mutual Reception. When two planets are in each other's sign of dignity or rulership.

- is when one planet occupies the sign of dignity of another and the planet whose dignity it is occupies the sign of dignity of the former planet. E.g.

Mutual Reception: the condition where two planets are each located in a sign ruled by the other.

Of he says: "When two planets are in each other's Signs, even though in evil aspect to one another, the effect is beneficial, as of people exchanging courteous social amenities." ...

The mutual receptions are lending an interesting uncertainty to these times while we are experiencing the not-everybody-is-on-the-same-page Grand Cross energy.

The shows that combining these two experiences is crucial for Obama's personal growth, but the square between them indicates that this hasn't always been easy.

1) Mutual reception occurs when two planets occupy the signs of each others astrological rulership.
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What is called in Western astrology is called a Parivartana Yoga in Vedic astrology.

Mutual ReceptionSee Reception. Mystic RectangleA configuration formed by at least four planets, comprising two trines and two sextile aspects with oppositions forming from all four corners of the configuration.

Reception and/or strongly affects essential dignities for better or worse depending on the circumstances.
direct: 1. To move a planet or point foreward as in a progression. 2. A planet that is transiting foreward in motion.

Sometimes it happens, that a matter is brought to pass when the Significators have applied by Opposition, but it has been, when there has been mutual reception by House, and out of friendly Houses, ...

It is also important to mention the and semi-sextile between Uranus and Neptune which becomes more significant as the year unfolds, and which represents the possibility of seeing our situation a little differently, ...

Also consider two planets not in aspect to one another but in mutual reception and also parallel. This is going to be an important exchange of planetary energies, as there is a direct line along which the energy can travel by way of the declination.

When two planets are in they share a special unification. Thankfully, this will be a happy occurrence because Mars and Uranus, when bickering, can lead to violence, accidents and aggravation.

Since they have swapped signs -- planetary trading spaces -- the two planets are said to be in "mutual reception." They are reinforcing each other at this time.

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1The condition is called a “mutual reception.' This is when two planets are each in the sign ruled by the other.

If this position occurs in your own horoscope, it is indicated by a small wave (˜, in with another planet).

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However, the protective qualities of Jupiter strong in the 1st house and in with the ascendant ruler, the Moon (representing the people), probably accounts for the small number of deaths.

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