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portico - a porch or entrance to a building consisting of a covered and often columned area
narthex - portico at the west end of an early Christian basilica or church ...

POOR ti coh

A roofed entrance porch supported on at least one side by columns ...

An elaborate or at least covered porch area adjacent to a main entrance, generally in a classical building. The portico functions as a means to protect visitors from the elements as well as emphasizing the taste and wealth of the owner.

A is a porch leading to the entrance of a building, or extended as a colonnade, with a roof structure over a walkway, supported by columns or enclosed by walls. This idea first appeared in ancient Greece and has influenced many cultures.

a small porch with a roof supported by columns or posts.
Mansard Roof
a roof with two slopes. Often it is flat on top.

: a roofed porch or walkway supported by columns
Pozzolana: the volcanic ash of central Italy, named after the region where its properties were first recognized and, when mixed with lime, ...

a covered porch supported by columns
an exterior angle of a wall or other masonry; a stone serving to form such an angle - a cornerstone; a keystone ...

: an open porch with columns supporting a pedimental roof, creating the entrance and\or centre piece of a facade. (IMAGE) ...

Portico -- A roofed space, open or partly enclosed, forming the entrance and centerpiece of the facade of a building, often with columns and a pediment.
Pyramidal Roof -- A roof with four identical sides rising to a central peak.

A small entrance porch.

QUOINS Quoins are decorative rectangles or squares of stone, brick, wood or concrete, placed at the corners of buildings to add architectural interest.

A roofed porch usually supported by columns, often leading to the entrance of the building.
Examples: ...

- An open space having a roof supported by columns, located outside an entrance to or exit from a building.

a covered entrance to a building, colonnaded, either constituting the whole front of the building or forming an important feature.
Principals ...

A roof, generally gabled, supported on columns, usually more elaborate than a porch.

Portico - A small porch composed of a roof supported by columns, often found in front of a doorway.
Quatrefoil - Four-lobed motif; usually in block shape.

A porch supported by columns and open on at least one side.
Proportion The relationship of the size of parts of a building to each other and to the whole.
Purlin A horizontal roof beam, usually supporting rafters.

Portico: A gallery which opens onto the exterior of the church and is supported by columns. From the Latin porticus for "arcade" or "gallery." ...

A roofed entrance porch, often with columns.
Pyramidal Roof ...

PORTICO A porch with columns and usually a pediment.
PROPYLAEUM An entrance gateway to au enclosure, especially in Greek and Roman architecture.

: A (Latin) is a roofed area, open to the air on one or more sides, typically supported on one side by the facade of a building and on the remaining sides by columns or arches.

portico A covered porch, often consisting of columns supporting a pediment.
prostyle Characterized by free-standing columns that stand forward from a wall (contrasted with columns in antis).

An open, colonnaded, roofed space serving as a porch before the entrance to a building. Image courtesy of Gail Gould ...

portico: aa projecting porch consisting of columns and (nearly always) a pediment, often with a flight of steps.
post and lintel: a term descriptive of trabeated construction, i.e. vertical supports carrying horizontal beams.

An entrance porch with columns or pilasters and a roof, and often crowned by a triangular pediment.
Poteaux-en-terre ...

(a) a colonnade; (b) a porch with a roof supported by columns, usually at the entrance to a building.
Portrait ...

A porch in the form of a Classical colonnade (row of columns), usually described in terms of the number of columns.
Q: ...

Blind portico
Brighton, Sussex
The front features of a portico applied to a wall.Blind traceryTracery applied to a solid wall.Block capital ...

: A ceilinged entranceway to a church, often bordered by columned masonry.
Quadripartite vault : A four sectioned vault, divided by diagonal, transverse ribs.

A porch with a roof.
Source:Victorian Architecture Vocabulary
Mansard Roof ...

- A large porch usually with a pediment roof supported by classical columns or pillars.
Prefabricated - A house whose substantial parts are made entirely or in sections away from the building site.

Portico - An entrance structure (e.g., a porch) or covered walkway utilizing columns.

Pyramidal Roof - A roof shaped like a pyramid, typically found atop towers.

porch with columns and pediment
QUOINa protruding stone or brick that accentuates an exterior corner. Sometimes simulated on frame structures to look like stone.
RUSTICATEDheavily textured or rough-surfaced stone-work ...

Portico - Porch supported by columns, usually above entrance
Postern - Side entrance
Putto - Statue of naked chubby baby; similar to a cherub with no wings ...

- A roofed entrance to a house that is columned like a temple front.
PREFABRICATION - The manufacture of whole buildings or components cast/assembled in a factory or off-site before placed in position.

Portico : a porch or walkway with a roof supported by columns, often leading to the entrance of a building.
Posticum : also called opisthodomos. A small room in the cella of a classical temple used as a treasury.

- a series of columns or arches in front of a building, generally as a covered walkway.

Elegant porticoes
Carved window cases
Spectacular, three-story wooden spiral staircase
In 1986, Harry Z. Isaacs acquired the estate, began a complete restoration. He added the west wing to balance the façade.

Porches, s and porte-cocheres, were often given the full castle treatment, an imitation portcullis on the larger houses would occasionally be suspended above a front door, flanked by heraldic beasts and other medieval architectural motifs.

Example 1: Middle ages porticoA Portico is a colonaded entrance space (doorway).Example 1: Cicero and the urbane villa potagerPotager is the French word for a vegetable garden.

A structure usually attached to a building, such as a porch, consisting of a roof supported by piers or columns. post and lintel A method of construction in which vertical beams (posts) are used to support a horizontal beam (lintel).

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Architecture  Portcullis  Porticus

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