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ground plan - a floor plan for the ground level of a building
floor plan - scale drawing of a horizontal section through a building at a given level; contrasts with elevation
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Floor of "Freedom Tower"
By Jackie Craven
Architect David Childs adapted plans for the proposed "Freedom Tower," giving the skyscraper a symmetrical, square footprint.

HumanitiesWeb.org - Glossary definition: Foreground Foreground
The area of a picture or field of vision, often at the bottom, that appears to be closest to the viewer. Also, to give priority to one aspect of a thing over another.

s - Wooden strips of plaster thickness found behind inside window and door casings and baseboards to provide adequate nailing surface.
Glass Block - A window type formed by a compilation of small translucent cubes of glass.

Ground Heave: Swelling of clay sub-soil due to absorption of moisture: can cause an upward movement in foundations.
Gully: An opening into a drain, normally at ground level, placed to receive water etc. from downpipes and wastepipes.

in painting, the prepared surface of the support to which the paint is applied.
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Background Drawing - A simplified floor plan of a building, used to help in coordinating the preparation of shop drawings for building services (such as air conditioning) ...

Back Noise -T The total noise floor from all sources of interference in a measurement system, independent of the presence of a data signal ...

Dead-ground - Close to the wall, where the defenders can't shoot.
Diaper work - Decoration of squares or lozenges.
Diaphragm - Wall running up to the roof-ridge.

- obscure glass formed by grinding one face, usually with sand.

GROUND HEAVE - Swelling of clay sub-soil due to absorption of moisture, or tree removal: can cause an upward movement in foundations.
GROUT - Filling for joists or cracks, especially in tiling.

plan or floor plan: Horizontal cross-section of a building as the building would look at level. A plan shows the basic outlined shape of a building and, usually, the outlines of other interior and exterior features.

The ground floor of this building is rusticated while the rest is of smooth red brick. The lintels and sills are also rusticated, and on the tower and the bay window, a continuous band of rough stone continues this motif.

Its plan is a Latin cross, with comparatively wide transept. But the plan is made complex and is visually disguised from the exterior by the accretion of numerous side chapels which cluster around it at different angles, ...

Underground room, usually at E end of church.
A connecting wall between towers.

under room, often, but not always, beneath the east end of a church.
a small, usually square or circular, domed turret surmounting the roof, usually containing a clock and/or a bell.

Underground or half underground room usually below the east end of a church.
Ring Crypt.
Early mediaeval circular or polygonal corridor crypt surrounding the apse of a church and often used with chambers for relics and the pilgrims visiting these.

An under chamber.
Flowing tracery of windows as seen in the latter period of the Decorated style.

On what grounds are heretics strangers and enemies to the apostles, if it is not from the difference of their teaching, which each individual of his own mere will has either advanced or received.

Found or
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Verbs of thinking, judging, analyzing, doubting ...

Grade - Ground level.
Grout - A mixture of cement, sand and water used to fill cracks and cavities. Sometimes used under base plates to obtain uniform bearing surfaces. Often it refers to material used around ceramic tile as filler.

A vaulted under room usually at the east end of the church, beneath the chancel. In medieval times the crypt was a stone chapel built beneath the floor of the church to hold the tombs of the deceased.

Crypt, underground chamber beneath the altar in a church, usually containing a saint's relics. It sometimes extends as far as the crossing, so that the choir and altar are sometimes considerably higher than the nave and aisle.

Under or half-under area, usually below the east end of a church.
Small polygonal or circular domed turret crowning a roof.

Dead-ground - close to the wall, where the defenders can't shoot.
Desmene - area of land reserved for a lord.
Diaper work - decoration of squares or lozenges.
Diaphragm - wall running up to the roof-ridge.

Crypt. Under chamber or vault, usually beneath the presbytery of a church and used for burial or sometimes as an oratory.
Cupola. *Dome.
Decumanus. * Cardo.

Transept The ground plan of many churches forms the shape of a cross. The two 'arms' of the cross are the transepts.
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Cawood Castle, s of Cawood , Yorkshire, England
Ghost Haunting, Pregnant Woman ...

Cistern - an underground area used to store water. Unlike a well, water does not naturally flow into a cistern from a subterranean source.
Cornice - a ledge-like crown projecting from a wall.

The jail, usually a level in one of the towers.
die Schiessscharte ...

sala terrena: a ground-floor room giving access to the garden, often decorated naturalistically or like a grotto.
Salomonic term: descriptive of a column twisted like barley-sugar.

B Bailey: The ward or courtyard inside the castle walls, includes exercise area, parade , emergency corral. Ballflower: A globular motif often used in concave moldings of English Gothic architecture.

Often used to ventilate the underside of timber ground floors, fireplaces or a roof space.
Apron - a metal strip, usually lead or zinc, used as a seal. Often fitted to chimney stacks and tile hanging. Also a section of wall below a window.

grand style the style of painting, promoted by Reynolds as President of the Royal Academy, in which the figures and back are painted in highly formal and idealized ways; ...

Example 1: Gymnasiums and sanctuaries palePale comes from the Latin palus=stake, and means a pointed wooden stake driven into the ground to make a paling fence. palissadePalissade is a French term for a fence made of pales.

CATCH BASIN: An under structure for drainage into which the water from a roof or floor will drain. It is connected with a sewer drain or sump pump.CAULKING: Soft, elastic material used to seal small openings around doors, windows, etc.

not by aisle posts set on the floor Basinettower, turret or other construction that projects out from a wall length or commonly found projecting from the corner junction of two walls, that allows defenders to both see and fire upon the ground in ...

Causeway A bank built across marshy with a path running along the top
Celestory Windows or opening set high in a wall to illuminate the area below
Cell A monastic dependency of a religious house ...

Base crucks have blades rising from ground level to a tie-beam or collar-beam which supports the roof timbers. Full crucks have blades rising from ground level to the apex of the roof, serving as the main members of a roof truss.

sloping board fixed to the edge of a gable roof, often decorated by fretwork or similar artistry Bay A projection from the outside wall, forming a bow window if curved, a faceted window or bay if angled, an oriel window if suspended above ...

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